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11 December 2005

I Am Not An American

This merchant swears up and down that he is not anti-American. We can give them the benefit of the doubt, but there is LITTLE DOUBT about the customers for these novelty t shirts and coffee mugs. Anti-American sentiment is more prevalent than we perhaps realize, and this is capitalist proof of it. I hope you'll visit the site by clicking the title above. Maybe I'll get a free Turkish version of the t-shirt out of it. In fact, I think I will copywright and trademark the phrases "I am not an Arab", "I am not a Jew", and "I am not a Turk". Disposable income is sure to line my pockets in no time. Seriously though peeps, this is an original and clever idea, and I salute the designer for his creativity and courage. This looks like a great stocking stuffer. Those of you who are offended. you might want to untie your shoe laces a bit and let the blood flooow back to your brain. In Turkey, wearing a shirt which says "Ben Turk degilim" (I am not a Turk) will either get you beaten to an inch of your life, or arrested, and probably both, regrettably. Don't try it. There's a bad enough identity crisis over there and provocation can be deadly. Let's pray that it eventually evolves into a healthy recognition, tolerance and respect for all ethnicities who call Turkey their home...

BTW, very cool that the Turkish version of the shirts have the word "Amerikan" spelled properly. There's no "hard C" in the Turkish alphabet, in case you haven't already guessed. Heck there's no "X" either, so they usually spell the word "extra" thusly: "ekstra"

Here's an exerpt from the comprehensive FAQ page:
I'm American and I'm offended.
Sorry to hear that. If you're looking for a web site that's not offensive to Americans, please follow my mystery link. No offence was intended, but I am certain you wouldn't have a problem saying "I'm not Canadian" if someone thought you were from Toronto, for example. There's no difference, except for the fact no-one has come up with the idea to print a shirt saying "I Am Not Canadian". Hey, wait! I just did, so I'll be keeping an eye out for people copying that idea, too.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice comments about the products available through my web site, - It's nice to see someone not accusing me of being anti-american, even if it is just through the benefit of the doubt. :-) Just for that, if 5 people buy shirts and send me an Email (using the contact info on my web site) saying they heard about it through your blog, I WILL send you one of the Turkish T's. :-) -
All the best.