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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

30 December 2005

METAL FIRTINA commentary at "Moon of Alabama"

"Metal Storm" is the translation of the Turkish title of this book, written by Burak Turna and Orkun Uçar. This link will lead you to an excellent meassage board discussion which centers heavily on Kurds at some points. I am still not done going through all of the contributions, but the mind-set of the a big cross section of people seems to be represented. Good reading. I began to read this thriller over the summer but it was in Turkish and I was hating that I occasionally had to re-read a passage to understand it completely. I resolve to finish it up over the next few weeks, and post mini capsules of it in English for your enjoyment. Maybe then I can approach the authors to see if they'll pay me to translate the whole book into English for them. (Wishful thinking, I know....) -AT

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jake said...

I REALLY want to read a translation of this, and his second book, third world war...

[I'm English, and don't speak turkish...)