America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

17 December 2005

Pet Peaves Redux

  1. Clothing companies which slap their emblem onto cheesy, sub-contracted wrist watches and the folks who buy them.
  2. The people who still use their turn signal blinker to claim a parking spot. As if waiting there isn't enough of an indication. Ugh, have a friggin spine will you?
  3. Soggy mail.
  4. Getting my socks wet by unwittingly stepping on a moist or wet floor.
  5. People who try to pay for purchases with exact change- need I describe the typical age of these folks?
  6. People who believe Turkish prisons are the worst, citing the movie Midnight Express. Check the credits at the end of the film, Dingus[ian]!
  7. $50+ co-pays for prescription medicine. A 30 day supply of Nexium costs $320. The people who make this drug and sell it at such a price should be denied health insurance, and thusly forced to taste their own medicine.
  8. Abercrombie & Fitch, period.
  9. GAP tv commercials depicting everyone as perfectly fit, young and beautiful.
  10. Ditto for Bally Total Fitness advertising.
  11. First time visitors to the post office who listen intently to the 15 different options and enhancements available for mailing a parcel. Get a clue, please.
  12. ANY and ALL automobile advertising on the radio.
  13. Single family homes that have five garbage cans filled to the rim every single week.
  14. The plastic packaging which requires a knife or scissors to open, rendering the product un-returnable.
  15. The ridiculously oversized plastic packaging used for selling the memory chips of digital cameras.
  16. Extended warranties I am offered to cover the $39 DVD player I am trying to pay for.
  17. Ink-jet printer cartridges, which cost more than my printer.
  18. Religious zealots who credit G-d with every single achievement, who blame themselves for every misfortune, AND who believe that life is a pre-ordained series of inevitable events that G-d already knows about.
  19. Doing anything half-assed.
  20. Shoes and apparel that are made in China. $500 leather jackets with highly deirable brand names that are made in China, really piss me off.
  21. Being asked [usually by young new-comers from Turkey]: "Where did you get your degree?"
  22. Dunkin Donuts' enslavement of New Englanders and the resulting morbid obesity which prevails.
  23. Any single piece of clothing which costs more than $25
  24. The grotesquely abundant number of different cellular phone handsets on the market.
  25. $30 bank over-draft fees charged against a $1.75 debit purchase you made for a cup of coffee.
  26. Over-limit fees on credit cards which are triggered by late payment fees.
  27. Obsession over what other people think
  28. People who order custom-made 90 cent hamburgers at McDonalds. "uhhh, no pickle or ketchup please".
  29. Explaining to Christians why I avoid pork, and reminding them that Jesus didn't eat it either.

That was a lot to get off of my chest. Thanks.


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Anonymous said...

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