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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

26 December 2005

Sex-selection banned- Swingers clubs okay, guess where?

The procedure is expensive ($19,000), but couples from Canada are traveling to the US in large numbers to conceive the gender of their choosing. Read about it here: Sex selection banned

In related news from Canada, swingers clubs where strangers meet for consentual sex with one or many partners, has been legalized. Read about it here: Swingers clubs legal

Both issues are very unattractive. Both involve sperm- one wastes it completely (among other things) and the other segregates it between X and Y chromosomes. It's worth considering that both are inevitably responsible for the destruction of unwanted embryoes, I think. Neither issue imbues a feeling of wholesomeness. Where do I find this stuff? Ugh, I feel like I may wretch, but something compelled me to cover this- a Canadian-American friend of mine who we'll call "Mike" to protect his identity.


shippedviausps said...

This gender selection has got to be rare, if not very rare.
I could see how fertility services are becoming more popular
but to opt for an artificial procedure for only gender
selection as a reason, when the old fashioned [read: fun]
way works for you, that just sounds bizarre.

When swingers clubs first started appearing they were
targetted by the cops. The club supporters complained
vigorously about the double standard in Montreal given
to straight and gay clubs. Why should the gay community
be allowed public promiscuity but not straights? Apparently
their arguments had some weight.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Er... It comes as no surprise that cops in Montreal leave the gay clubs alone. Really, who would want to raid such a place, even if it were illegal? It's the straight clubs they want to get a peek inside of...

Anonymous said...

Many people from Canada visit The House an Orlando Swingers Club in Florida.