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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

27 February 2006

Days of the Weak: Production Meeting "Art" (and indoor soccer)

I know what you're thinking: "That must have been some looooong meeting". It was. I'm kind of proud of what I created today. Too bad I don't have a way to animate it, make all of the shapes squirm and flagellate. What do you think? Toss it into the "circular file"?
Gotta go for now. I have a soccer game tonight. Wish us luck. More later...

Okay I'm back, it's three hours later. We played our hearts out and lost the game, but not by a huge margin. Afterwards, we shared a few pitchers of beer and talked about tactics and strategy and had a pretty good time. Someone mentioned that my play has improved and G-d bless him, those few words gave me such a boost in morale, I'm really happy. I actually gave myself the same assessment for tonight. I played defense exclusively, never crossed mid-field and I did my job as well as could be expected of one who hasn't kicked a ball in 25 years. I was aggressive and I think I did a great job of being a nuisance to the offense, forcing mis-fires and causing poor passing. The other team's score might have doubled if it weren't for me tonight. Okay that's a stretch, but that's how I feel. Yeah I'm feeling good and trying to savor it. Since I rarely ever drink, two dixie cups of beers certainly helped to lift my spirits! Have you ever seen the movie "Jerry Maguire"? Remember the scene where he's completely stoked and looking for a song to go with the triumphant feeling he was swimming in? "Freefallin" by Tom Petty did the trick, didn't it? Tonight on the way home from the game I had my UB40 cd in the pick-up and I blasted the Elvis cover "I Can't Help Fallin' In Love With You". Yeah pretty strange but it worked for me. Sports can have such a euphoric effect- those of you who avoid sports are really missing out on the natural high. Well this entry couldn't possibly be any cornier, so I'd better bow and exit before I make any more of an arse out of myself. It's tempting to remove the ridiculous doodling I have shown to you, but that would be like lying to myself. You can't run from who you are...

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Murat Altinbasak said...

Technically, my employer owns this piece of work.

metin said...

some of the teams in Turkey may need a defensive player such as you. In the case of Galatasaray (my team), the best team that no money can buy, you might have to forgo a salary for the priviledge.