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19 February 2006

Michael J. Totten's Middle East Journal: "The Dream City of the Kurds"

I want to draw your attention more to the comments than to the article itself. Readers seem completely amazed that such housing or such 'Western-looking" construction developments could exist in this part of the world. Some of the readers seem to believe that the single family 'villas' pictured, are a reality for every Kurd in Northern Iraq. Give me a small break.

Western style homes are being built in Turkey for the past 25 years. Ever heard the term 'Amerikan kapi'? (it's a cheap immitation raised panel door made from pressboard), or 'Amerikan siding'? (it's the cheap vinyl we use over here to clad our homes' exteriors), or 'satin duvar' (it's the Turkish name for gypsum board, sheetrock, if you like) These building materials, among untold others, have been in Turkey for decades, and they will only reach Northern Iraq through purchase and transport from vendors in Turkey. It would also interest these commentors to know that the drinking supply of Northern Iraq flows south out of Turkey, and is controlled by a series of enormous high tech dams. Food for thought. Don't call me a stick in the mud for pointing out the truth.

The reality is that even the densely built apartment buildings are out of reach for most Northern Iraqis, forget the single family residences being set forth as part of the "Dream City". Those homes will be the exception, not the rule. Want to see expensive single family homes in Turkey? Check out ReMax Turkiye.

My point is not that Kurds do not deserve to have such dream homes, or to deny that they ever will, it is that I am stunned by the ignorant bliss of the many who are misled to believe that Northern Iraq is the first place where such residences are being erected in the Middle East.

Kurdish Turks (Kurds who live in Turkey) have every means and opportunity as any other Turk, at their disposal, to own such homes in Turkey. But Turkey receives no 'street cred' for this fact, or any sympathy for fighting the PKK for decades. So hearing: "Wow! Western style homes in Northern Iraq! I don't believe it! Hallelujah! The Kurds DESERVE all the best!" is grinding my gears a little bit, sorry.

Now let's examine the February 15th entry by Michael J. Totten: The Dream City of the Kurds As I said, it's a good piece, but many of the comments which follow it are pieces of...

Take your time reading the comments, and look out for the one which made me bust out laughing at it's raw obsenity. (It's in Turkish, it's not pretty and I don't condone it, but hearing sucha long string of Turkish curse words is hilarious to one who rarely ever hears such street talk here in the US).

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