America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

24 February 2006

Planet's Population to Hit 6.5 Billion Saturday

According to this article, the world's population has DOUBLED since 1960, and QUADRUPLED since the turn of the century. On Saturday, one person's ratio to the rest of the population will equal 0.00000000015 : 1, if that makes any sense.
Another statistic which blind-sided me was this: each and every second, on average, 4 to 5 babies are born! Every second! If we assume that a typical woman endures the misery of labor for about two hours, this means that there are up to 36,000 women world-wide who are in the throes of unspeakable pain [and joy] at any given moment, any given second. There are also [almost] 36,000 anxious and/or happy fathers lighting cigars and kissing relatives, such as the 144,000 grandparents who also celebrate the new arrival. That's a lot of happy people! (It goes without saying that every baby born does not necessarily survive, nor is perfectly healthy, but humor me for a moment)
Of course, with my gorilla math it's impossible to avoid the things which should go without mention. If 4-5 babies are born every second, there must 4-5 women becoming pregnant every single second as well! So that would mean that a staggering number of people the world over are...having great fun?!?! Gaaah!!! Waaaay too much information!!!!!
One of the most frightening and powerful episodes of sleep paralysis took hold of me last night and today my brain is like pudding... so please forgive my rambling. Remember the last time I told you about my problem? Last night I thought I was going to end up in another dimension by the time I snapped out of it.

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