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26 February 2006

Rays of Light Do Fall Upon Afghanistan

So what's on everyone's mind? Many events of this past week were sad and depressing. To wit: The mudslide in the Phillipines, the roof collapse in Russia, the sectarian violence in Iraq, the mine accident in Mexico, the terrorism aimed at the Saudi refinery... among untold numbers of other stories. Where's the silver lining? Is there ever any news that might lift our spirits or give us hope?

I've found a superb compilation of good news from none other than: Afghanistan. The country where soccer fields once served as gladiator style arenas of public execution, where Giant Buddha statues were destroyed by the Taliban, where the Soviets pillaged and laid waste during their fruitless and brutal occupation. Afghanistan is a re-born nation steeped with excellent news of re-building, reform and an improving quality of life.

Just a few examples:

A crowd of 600 Afghan clerics gathered in front of an historic
mosque yesterday to strip the fugitive Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar of
his claim to religious authority, in a ceremony that provided a significant
boost to the presidency of Hamid Karzai.

Hundreds of young men, fed up with the ethnic animosities that
have long divided Afghanistan, are traveling the country preaching peace and

A Taliban splinter group, widely regarded as a moderate camp,
on Monday pledged support to the Afghan government led by President Hamid

Darulaman Palace, a symbol of national unity and independence
since 1929, is being rebuilt after being left a shell of a building by years of
civil war.

One key provision in the new Juvenile Code, which was formally
adopted by the Afghan cabinet in February 2005, is the increase in the age of
criminal responsibility from seven to 12 years, as well as recognizing the
definition of a child as being anyone under the age of 18.

From the corner of a Kabul basement, next door to a barber
shop, come high-pitched and most unusual sounds. A small posse of Afghan girls
shout "heey-ya!" as they practice karate jabs, kicks, and punches.

The Afghan National Television . . . switched over
to a new digital system. The conversion from analogue to a digital system took
two years and was finalised with financial assistance of $7.44 million from the
government of Japan.

Music was anathema to the Taliban, but now a programme of
music charts broadcast by a private radio station every Friday has become a
"must listen" for Afghans.

This is truly just the tip of the iceberg. Please click here for the rest of the good news from Afghanistan. The best part? This story is nine months old! (as reported by Arthur Chrenkoff on June 6, 2005) Admittedly, I'm a day late and a dollar short, but that doesn't mean that such good news isn't worth repeating.

To bring yourself more up-to-date on the good news from Iraq and Afghanistan, the blog of Arthur Chrenkoff is THE source, look no further. Even though his last post was on September 13 2005, this blog will no doubt "echo in eternity". Read Arthur Chrenkoff's work here.

3,167,343 visitors can't be wrong! (Accumulated during the site's abbreviated 23 month life span) This is not an endorsement of his site or his work-I've read too little of it to call myself a fan. Instead I am simply sharing my discovery of a site where news of good events were reported. As much as the US invasion of Iraq disgusts me, we clearly need to move on. We should embrace and celebrate whatever good has come of these wars, be it in Afghanistan or in Iraq.

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Debbie said...

that was a nice post. ;)

m8al said...

Hi, I like your blog. Can you post something on what you feel about muslims in India, Kashmir in particular? I'd be interested

Murat Altinbasak said...

THank you Debbie :)

I definitely will check into India and weigh in, but not before a little independent research! Thank you for the suggestion.