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06 March 2006

Accused: Campus crash was 'to spread will of Allah'

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CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina (AP) -- A University of North Carolina
graduate from Iran, accused of running down nine people on campus to avenge the treatment of Muslims, said at a hearing Monday that he was "thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah."
At about the same time, UNC students held what they called an "anti-terrorism" rally on the Chapel Hill campus. Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar was accused of driving a sport utility vehicle through The Pit, a popular campus gathering spot, injuring nine people Friday. None of the victims was seriously hurt.


Shining Love Pig said...

Madmen will frequently use religion to justify their obscenities, be it Christianity, Judaism or Islam.

Anonymous said...

True, but I haven't read anything to suggest he's mentally ill. His actions were "rational" (according to his beliefs) and completely pre-meditated. In other words, just because he did something evil, doesn't make him "mad."

Adriane said...

Clad in orange jumpsuit and leg shackles, he [Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar] stated, “I am thankful you are going to hear this trial to learn more about the will of Allah, the creator.”

And in response to a reporter’s question, he confirmed that, “Yes,” it was his intention to murder those he hit with the SUV he had just rented.

Tar Heel Terror
By Joe Kaufman
March 7, 2006

More information on the jihadi teaching of the Imam of the Islamic Center of Raleigh, aka. the Islamic Association of Raleigh (IAR), Mohammed Bajanonie, and the guest speakers IAR invites for talks with UNC students, is contained in Mr. Kaufman's article. link: