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10 March 2006

Armstrong Spends Time with Chris and Dana Reeve's son, Will

NEW YORK (AP) -- Lance Armstrong spent Wednesday morning comforting 13-year-old Will Reeve, less than two days after his mother, Dana Reeve, died of lung cancer. "I would say that his spirits were pretty good considering that, in the last 18 months, he's lost his father, his mother and his grandmother," Armstrong told syndicated entertainment show "Inside Edition." "In situations like this," Armstrong said, "all you can do is say, 'Hey buddy, I'm here if you want to go hang out, if you want to play games, whatever you want to do, I'm here.' " More..

When you lose your celebrity rockstar girlfriend and your fairy tale sports career is finito, you must do good things which attract the notice of people and sponsors alike. Lance would not be there for Will if he were still training and racing, this much is certain. I'm not against his involvement and support for young Will, but it really doesn't deserve the media attention it was given. Seems to me that "Inside Edition" has exploited a young person's loss and a world famous athlete's fame. Why couldn't this remain private? If I were Will Reeve, that's what I'd be asking...

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say "Lance wouldn't be there if he were still training and racing." He'd probably make a phone call and issue a statement to the press. But, your point is well taken, when he was racing it came first to the detriment of EVERYTHING else (family, friends, etc.)

Adriane said...

Or - we could be happy that a retired Lance Armstrong has decided to spend his time doing some Good Works, instead of say ... a retired Gary Glitter whom apparently spends his time doing kiddie porn.

While I am not a big fan of fluff journalism, and I cheerfully avoid every story about Paris Hilton that comes my way, it does remind people to be human every so once in a while.

But then, I cried when the Mothership came back and picked up ET, so you might wish to disregard my live-and-let-live philosophy on that grounds...

Murat Altinbasak said...

Adriane, I appreciate your comments, thank you. I don't fault Lance so much here, as I do the coverage he receives for his ordinary actions. I don't care about Lance, I care for the young Will Reeve, and the news story about Lance's show of support is just as you succinctly described: 'fluff'.