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28 March 2006

If You Want To Make An Omelet, You Gotta Break Some Eggs

An Iraqi boy mourns for a youth killed by a blast in the Iraqi city of Basra, 550 km (342 miles) south of Baghdad March 26, 2006. A 14-year-old student was killed and two others wounded by a bomb planted in front of a school in Basra, police said.
26 Mar 2006 REUTERS/Atef Hassan

No it's not a re-make of the old Mutual of Omaha commercial from the 70s. (All of this death twists my sense of humor into knots, but my heart's in the right place, believe me) Point is, how many of us State-side claim to be "numb" to all of the Iraqi death and dying? If you laughed at my joke, it's time for a gut check... Me, I beg to differ. Every fatality, every lost limb, every orphan and every widow takes a little something out of me, out of US... It's times like these when polygamy becomes necessary and correct, unlike the gratuitous kind you see on HBO these days. Here's another picture from Iraq which I grabbed long ago, which is why I have no caption or credit for it. Operation Iraqi Liberation in all it's glory: -AT


metin said...

Do we care about the orphans in Iraq only? There are deaths (man-induced) all over the world, including some that are terrorist-claimed. Or is this to pay homage to the 'state-sponsored?' death machine that is presently occupying the headlines across the world.

I agree that we have become more immune to death and destruction. But that is the case accross the board. Maybe moreso to the people that see it everyday. Just ask people living in Israel or Palestine.

A generation ago, people were scared by one scene in 'Psycho' that today would be considered G-rated. Have you seen R-rated horror flicks lately. What about the violence on video games.

Maybe human life is not so sacred anymore.

Maybe 'human-cleansing' have already started.

Murat Altinbasak said...

I refuse to allow myself to become desensitized. One of the things which sets us apart from animals is compassion.

Immunity to feeling compassion is in-human, it makes the food-chain org chart horizontal- when we're supposedly above all creatures.

metin said...

Again I was referring to generalities. Of course, you and I both know, there are always exceptions to everything.

Generally speaking, I am more concerned about the general outlook.

My question: Is this post about orphans of war as part of civilian casualites of any war, or a protest of the war, specifically in Iraq.

Murat Altinbasak said...

a protest of the war in Iraq.

It goes without saying that it's a tragic event for ANY child to become orphaned.

Seems to me, in Iraq it might have easily been avoided, or at least mitigated. The US invasion has no doubt ratcheted up the overall population who are orphans.

metin said...

Hopefully that child will now grow up to live in a much better behaved society, and with a lot more options in life, than would have been the case if her parents were alive but hope was dead and choices were limited.

At least, that's my justification for the pains being suffered. It's for the common good. The law of the jungle!