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15 March 2006

Oz Bengur Q & A - Turkish Torque

Oz Bengur Q & A - Turkish Torque

Here is as much information as anyone could ask for; use it to make an informed decision of support or a contribution. I encourage everyone to read and educate themselves. It is understood that Turkish-ness is not a big enough reason to send money or to cast a ballot for Oz Bengur, for Turks and non-Turks alike, I'll be the first to admit this. I disagree with blind support for a candidate because of his connection to Turkish parents. But I'll also be among the first to put as much information out there as possible, and promote, promote, promote!!

Ugur Akinci at Turkish Torque has published a comprehensive Q&A which every American Turk should devour and re-distribute as much as possible, and not just to other Turks...


metin said...

My comments on Turkish Torque regarding this candidacy are going unnoticed by the blog author lately, although I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is free to be selective about who and how comments are posted.

But I do agree with you that being Turkish is not necessarily the only reason why this candidacy should be supported. It can, however, be a reason not to stay away from that election for the constituents of that district.

In fact, do we really know the issues. Is it hypocritical if it is true that 'Oz' has criticized the Dubai Port Deal in the interest of political gain like so many others running this year politicizing the Arab-sensitive issue for one thing?

audacious said...

you have a nice blog site ..

Murat Altinbasak said...

Thanks audacious! And I have just now discovered yours. Looks like I'll be lurking there in the future.