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26 March 2006

Shadow of the Giant: Orson Scott Card

My Ebay username is "enderw1gg1n" for a reason. I read Orson Scott Card's award winning book Ender's Game back in 1999, not long before registering. Yesterday the soft cover version of Card's latest work was spotted at Borders and I pounced on it like a hungry orphan. (I just don't have it in me to pay $20 or more for any hard cover) At the end of the 3rd chapter I found words which stood out at me as if in neon lights:

"...are we, as the Muslims believe, only acting out the script of G-d?
Not likely. Any G-d worth believing in could make up a better plan than the mess the world was in now..."

I've devoured every one of the Ender series, some twice, and I was long overdue for a fix. If you've not read the original Ender's Game masterpiece, put it on your wish-list before the [long-awaited] movie is released by Warner Brothers. Those who have read it, here's a link to the original short story version, which first appeared in the August 1977 isue of Analog. REFRAIN if you plan to buy the book- the surprise ending is a stunner.


Left of Center said...

OSC is one of my favs

Celal Birader said...

Hello Murat,

I didn't realise OSC was a novelist.

I came across this piece of his [ ] and thought he was some newspaper columnist or political pundit of some kind.

Can you tell me more about him ?