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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

18 March 2006

Some Milestones I Don't Look Forward To...

It's hard to believe that 34 years have passed since this picture was taken. It's the eve of my 35th birthday I am exactly in the middle of two milestones. Turning 30 was rough, and I don't even want to think about 40. Seems like yesterday I was a 1st grader, in awe at the size and the maturity of the 6th graders at school. "I can't wait to be that big", I remember thinking to myself... Yillar vizir vizir geciyor arkadaslar- don't even blink!...

Say hello to my mother Kiymet and my father Irfan. They dressed me in this leotard for some reason- they claim it was a bathing suit. Who wears a bathing suit in MARCH in New York City?? Oh, and for those of you who have the delusion that myself and my family are devout Muslims of some sort, I hope that this photo taken in 1972 sets things straight, eh?


Elif said...

We age everyday-what a depressing thought! Don't worry about it, you are not showing your years. By the way, I liked your mom. She is cute in a late sixties mini skirt:)

erkan said...

Dear Murat, (when the time comes) happy birthday! In less than 1 month I will be 30 and it is really depressing. I wasn't expecting this to happen but I cannot escape feeling of being crushed by the pace of time! :(

And yeah I agree with elif, your mother really looked cute!

Adriane said...

Happy Midlife Crisis Day!

OK, confession time...

When my granddaughter was six or so, I was afraid that if we got her one of the 2 piece bathing suits they had for sale at Target, she would stop swimming the first time she jumped in and the top came off. {We were really worried about her watching too much TV and wanted to make sure she got some exercise.}

So I bought her a bright pink with purple flowers unitard from the dance/exercise section and told her it was swimsuit.

She "loved it, Grandma" and happily swam all summer without ever realizing the difference.

At 12, she is more of a brand-name savvy shopper than I am, so I definitely couldn't pull that stunt today. Oh well.

Why would it make a difference if I thought {actually, I didn't} you were a devout Muslim? Are devout Muslims incapable of rational and civil debate on free speech?

If yes, haven't you just proved the point of anti-Muslim-immigration groups for them? If no, why do you bring it up?

Murat Altinbasak said...

Adriane. This blog isn't about me. You'll never fully understand who I am, only what I think about matters. Let's move on because I hate repeating myself. I answered your bombardment of criticism and what a waste it turned out to be!

Adriane said...

This is your blog and while I do not agree with your analysis, I do respect your request.

I wish you and your family every happiness.

Good day to you.

Hilal said...

that leotard is so money.

i know what you mean about time flying. my b-day is around the corner and i'm in complete denial about my age. happy birthday!

Murat Altinbasak said...

Hilal, thank you for the birthday wish. Like nationwide Insurance says: "Life comes at you fast".