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08 March 2006

Today is International Women's Day!

This begs the question: What are men supposed to do about it? Be extra special nice to women? I do that year-round! I guess for starters, we can go to the site linked below as a show of support. Technically, if enough men go to the site at one time, we'll crash it's bandwidth and get in trouble... As any woman will tell you, most of us can screw up a simple cup of coffee. Congratulations ladies! Enjoy your special day. -AT

International Women's Day is the universal day that connects all women around the world and inspires them to achieve their full potential. IWD 2006 launches another year of working progressively for women's equality worldwide. It is an important day around the world because the collective power of women is witnessed by milions, and the brave achievements of women past, present and future are respectfully honoured. International Women's Day 2006 will be celebrated globally on Wednesday 8 March. Join the action !! Official Web Site

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Elif said...

Happy Belated International Women's Day. I would love to post here a poem from Nazim Hikmet. Unfortunately, it is written in Turkish. Hope you all will understand:)


Kimi der ki kadın
uzun kış gecelerinde yatmak içindir.
Kimi der ki kadın
yeşil bir harman yerinde
dokuz zilli köçek gibi oynatmak içindir.
Kimi der ki ayalimdir.
boynumda taşıdığım vebalimdir.
Kimi der ki hamur yoğuran
Kimi der ki çocuk doğuran
Ne o, ne bu, ne döşek, ne köçek, ne ayal, ne vebal
O benim kollarım bacaklarım başım
Yavrum, annem, karım, kız kardeşim
hayat arkadaşımdır.


Murat Altinbasak said...

It's not unfortunate, but I have to admit that some of the words are lost on me. Many thanks for contributing here.

Elif said...

You are welcome, Murat. Isn't it incredibly beautiful?:)