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30 April 2006

May Day- The REAL Labor Day

Here's a good site which explains the significance of "International Worker's Day", May 1st. (I'm not an "Anarchist" as the source of this link might imply- I don't even know what it means.) Here's the WIKI version.

Tomorrow is also Ebru's birthday! Happy 30th to my dear wife of 11 years. (30 is a sucky milestone, but you don't look a day over 23 so don't fret).

Wells Ave- Missed the Start- I Hate When That Happens

Grrrrr. We get to the race at 10:30, with plenty of time for me to get ready and warm up. But wouldn't you know it- they combined the A and the B riders, so the race begins about 1/2 hour early. There were 26 laps to go out of 40 by the time we arrived. So naturally I registered and tried to make the best of it. I jumped in with no warm-up, while there were still 23 laps to go. Since there was no time to affix my race number, and since I was a late-comer, I wasn't allowed to sprint at the finish, but that didn't stop me from attacking with one lap to go and almost staying away for 3rd place (two guys were up the road- I was in between them and the main field- but I was caught with 1/2 lap to go) Aside from that, I almost took a prime sprint for $10 (got 3rd) and I worked my ass off at the front to try and catch the two who got away. I was miserable and disgusted for missing the start and took it out on the bike I guess. Oh well- I gave it everything I had, for the time I was in it. A good training session if nothing else- that's why it's called a training race.
Distance: 18 miles- Avg speed: 25.7 mph - Top speed: 34 mph - Avg heart rate: 170 - Top HR: 187

That's me in my new team kit. The perfect color scheme is a nice coincidence, not something I planned.

29 April 2006

Got To Get Fit, Mum!

Today's bike ride stats:
Distance: 43 miles
Time: 2:23:25
Avg Speed: 18.1 mph
Avg heart rate: 152
Calories burned: 2443
My fitness level is way ahead of the same period, last season. In all of April 2005, I rode the bike only 180 miles. As of today (4/29), I've already racked up 390 miles for April. Tomorrow will be another 40 or so miles. I'll be racing at Wells Ave and hope to post a good result: a top three finish is not out of the question for me. It's 80% mental: Believing you're strong enough to win is half the battle. Confidence wins races, more so than strong legs, lungs and heart. I'm feeling confident.

Turks Are European Champions in Greco-Roman Wrestling

Turkish 120-kg wrestler Ismail Guzel won a second gold medal following Hamza Yerlikaya in Russia's capital Moscow, where the 53rd Senior European Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship was organized. Click title above for Zaman article. Here's the Turkish Daily article (Sign-in required)

28 April 2006

Time to Laugh Your Ass Off: Borat the Kazakh

If your sense of humor is anything like mine, these video clips will make you ROFLYAO.
Google Video collection:
Here's the unofficial Borat website as well:
Note that Kazakhstan is not happy about Ali G's mockery of their nation. Alexandre Vinokourov (a Tour de France podium finisher) is a Kazakh- looks nothing like Borat! See below in center, next to Lance Armstrong..

27 April 2006

Gallipoli: Armed Forces Protected Turkish Existence

The INFIDEL gives us a nice post about Gallipoli. Excerpt:
"About half a million soldiers in total died during this battle and it is difficult to fathom what kind of dedication, passion, and love for country one must possess to continue fighting in the poorest of conditions and death all around. We are greatly indebted to those soldiers who selflessly fought to secure our land and futures."

Anti-Nuclear Protesters in Istanbul Turkey on the 20th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster

Turkish anti-nuclear protesters wear make-up depicting the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, while participating in a protest against atomic power in central Istanbul April 26, 2006. Today, marks the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
26 Apr 2006 REUTERS/Fatih Saribas

Anti-nuclear protesters form a human chain to protest against atomic power in the busy street of Istiklal in Istanbul April 26, 2006. Wednesday marks the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The words on the placards read, "Turkey without Nuclear. World without Nuclear."
26 Apr 2006 REUTERS/Fatih Saribas

25 April 2006

Of Rice and Men: Which Way Did He Go George??

"Can't Lead 'Ya" Rice is in Turkey April 24th,
according to Erkan's Field Diary
A Greek protester raises a painted hand next to a banner with a picture of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Athens April 24, 2006. Greek leftist and anti-war activists announced protests against a planned visit by Rice to Athens on April 25.
24 Apr 2006 REUTERS/Yiorgos Karahalis
See below for the epitomy of class and grace.
Former first lady Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), L, and her daughter Chelsea celebrate a new portrait of Clinton in Washington, April 24, 2006. Portraits of Sen. Clinton and her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, were unveiled to hang in the newly-restored National Portrait Gallery, which is scheduled to reopen July 1. The gallery holds the only complete portrait collection of U.S. presidents outside the White House's own. 26 Apr 2006 REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

ONE DAY LEFT TO VOTE!!!! HURRY! Yener Korkut is a FINALIST- Vote Him Into 1st Place! in The John Lennon Song Writing Contest

Listen to his Song (free mp3 download) and show your support! Please VOTE!
Special Message from Yener Korkut:
NEW - The JOHN LENNON SONGWRTING CONTEST on-line portion is now underway world wide...we need everyone to vote!
One vote per email address so if you've got 'em use them :>)
I'm very grateful my song "Night Fall in Istanbul" (before any production) has WON Session I Grand Prize in the world category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. This same song in its original version is now competing head to head with a full blown orchestra!!!
If you would like to listen to and/or download the latest mix please go to my MUSIC page and click on "Night Fall in Istanbul".
This portion of the contest is based *solely* on online voting. We need your vote!
Below is a direct link to begin the voting process, where you can at one stage hear the competitor’s song. There are a few steps to protect against voting fraud, you'll have to fill out a brief form to prove you're not a ballot stuffing bot ;>) Some of it is optional and voting doesn't take long. They will immediately email you your own special voting pass/url, then go and vote. It's simple (If you don't receive the email, please check your e-mail’s spam filters to make sure the email didn't get tossed into your spam filter's delete bin.).
***If you are having a voting problem for any reason please email:
Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think would be interested.
This link will take you to the John Lennon site to begin the process.
click here!
Voting: March 15th to April 26th.
Yener's much anticipated CD "Storm of Light" will be released April 10th and will be available online and at Borders!
1. Tango with the storm 4:57
2. Night Fall in Istanbul 4:12
3. Short Story 2:01
4. Evan & Brandon 4:55
5. Sevda IV 4:09
6. Daydream 4:12
7. Rising Sea 6:06
8. Once upon a Time 5:40
9. Ambush 3:46
10. Fallen Soldier 2:01
11. Good Morning Earth 6:16
© 2006 Yener Korkut

The Rest of the P.B.S. Story

This link directs you to the MSNBC article which explains some of the controversy.

Keep spreading the word:


24 April 2006

Political Bullshit Sell-out... I Mean PBS: "Armenian Genocide" Airs in RI

We petitioned, we faxed, we e-mailed and we telephoned PBS, albeit fruitlessly, but (judging from the closing credits) the Armenian community is wealthy beyond belief. Hey money talks and bullshit walks, as the saying goes... The number of financial contributors who made this program possible, is staggering. But the truth cannot be purchased, it's not for sale, unless you're PBS... The "panel discussion" which Turks feverishly petitioned PBS to air immediately following "Armenian Genocide", was not broadcast in Rhode Island. I can't speak for other cities, and would appreciate feedback from other Amerikan Turks.

Personally, speaking only for myself and for no other Turks, I don't give a squirt of piss about Armenians... UNTIL someone.. ANYONE outside of Turkey.. sheds a single tear or lights a single candle for the many millions of Turks who lost their lives during World War One. Apparently, when an Empire is destroyed and when those who still draw breath in it's aftermath, FIGHT for their survival, for their existence, for their future, it's called genocide by those who were complicit in the initial destruction. How trite.

Ironically, when the world's biggest super-power invades and destroys a relatively defenseless country which was never proven to be a threat, it's called liberation. Where were said liberators during World War One? Too pre-occupied with land-grabbing in Anatolia, I suppose, to notice or even care about how many inhabitants of Asia Minor were dying, be they Turk or Armenian.

Who in the world mourns or commemorates the deaths of the millions of Turks who fell during WWI? during the Wars of Independence? I'll tell you: Only Turks, and they're not in the habit of projecting their loss upon others or demanding apologies or propagating myths or sticking any of it up anyones ass or down anyones throat.

April 24th... May it pass quickly.

Here's an "Action Alert" for my Turkish readers. Vote "YES" and please copy this to as many like-minded people as possible:

Who's Unlucky? Ask Any Orphan in Afghanistan or Elsewhere

Orphans stand in line during a visit by Britain's Defence Secretary John Reid to the Allahuddin orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan April 23, 2006.
23 Apr 2006 REUTERS/Ahmad Masood
Why do such images choke me up? I think I know why, but I'm not telling. If you have the chutzpa to ask, go ahead and write me an e-mail. Let's just say that there are many different kinds of orphans...

23 April 2006

92ND LIÈGE-BASTOGNE-LIÈGE: Alejandro Valverde Takes The Win

All it takes is for two wheels to inadvertantly touch and 50 professional bike racers go down hard! The phrase "hold your line" refers to an experienced bike handler's ability (we hope) to ride in a predictable straight and smooth line- such that riders to their left, right and behind are not cut-off, bumped, pushed into the shoulder, etc. This takes some concentration to do, but it also takes graceful skill acquired over the years to simply ride in a straight line. The riders pictured below have no doubt mastered this craft. Only a foolish spectator or a loose water bottle will derail this train!
Today my legs are shorn for the first time in 2006. Yes you heard right! When it's warm enough to shed the long tights and leg warmers, bare legs are an inevitability. Cyclists, at least professional and serious amateurs like myself, prefer smooth skin over hair. Depilation is favored for a number of reasons, and you might find yourself surprised:
  1. Massage: Professionals especially, cannot benefit from the deft fingers of their team soiniuers (sp?) with legs covered in hair- this is a no brainer
  2. Crash injury and recovery from same: When a cyclist hits the asphalt, there is going to be some abrasion- road rash- if you will. Well when the legs are covered in hair, the potential for a tear in the skin is very high, whereas shaved legs will simply lose some skin. It's the difference between needing stitches at the hospital and simply applying clean gauze. Needless to say, it's far easier to dress the wound when skin is bare.
  3. Aesthetics and peer pressure: Most cyclists agree- legs that are hair free look more athletic, more muscular. In a sport where 80% of the battle is mental, seeing your legs the same way that the pros do is an advantage. Besides, no self-respecting pro or amateur will line up at the start of a race with hairy legs- hence the peer pressure aspect.
  4. Wind resistance? That one's a myth.
1. Alejandro Valverde (Sp), Caisse d'Épargne-Illes Balears, 262km in 6:21:32 (41.202 kph)
2. Paolo Bettini (I), Quick Step-Innergetic
3. Damiano Cunego (I), Lampre-Fondital
4. Patrik Sinkewitz (G), T-Mobile
5. Michael Boogerd (Nl), Rabobank
6. Miguel Martin Perdiguero (Sp), Phonak
7. Frank Schleck (Lux), CSC
8. Chris Horner (USA), Davitamon, all s.t.
9. Danilo Di Luca (I), Liquigas, at 0:04
10. Ivan Basso (I), CSC, at 0:07.
Complete results

22 April 2006

April 23rd is Children's Day in Turkey

Children's Day
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

April 23 is the "National Sovereignty and Children's Day" (Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı) in Turkey The date commemorates the opening of Turkish National Assembly in 1920 during the Turkish Independence War. The designation of Children's Day came in 1929 upon the recommendation of the Institution of Children's Protection. Since 1986 the Turkish government organizes an international children's festival on April 23.
On April 23rd of every year, children in Turkey celebrate this "Sovereignty and Children's Day" as a national holiday, and is celebrated by citizens troughout the country during ceremonies preceding the day.
Among the activities on this day, children from all around Turkey gather in the capital city,
Ankara, and they replace the selected members of the Grand National Assembly. They have an elected president and prime minister and they govern Turkey for one day in order to emphasize the importance of the children in the society.
Traditionally since 1986, children come to Turkey to represent their country of origin to children of the world with artistic performances. They're housed in Turkish homes and can meet with Turkish children. The groups of foreign children also participate in the special session held at the Grand National Assembly.
Turkish people hope these children will remember the day for their lives and will contribute to a bound with other cultures. The internationalisation is thus aimed toward Turkey's principle of,'peace at home, peace in the world', and "Sovereignty belongs unconditionally to the people".
The importance of April 23th is recognised by
UNESCO since 1992, as the International Children's Day.

Children's Day is a holiday in many countries around the world:
1 International Children's Day
2 Germany
3 Hong Kong
4 India
5 Japan
6 Poland
7 South Korea
8 Singapore
9 Taiwan (Republic of China)
10 Thailand
11 Turkey

No Subject 6

It's time for a good 'ol ramble so pull up a chair. I've had a rough ten days, which the scarcity of blog activity here will attest to. That head/chest cold has finally cleared up, and of course the weather turns to shit as soon as I'm feeling better... Bike riding? I did some of that, but per usual, not nearly enough to satisfy my "spiritual needs". Some one I know told me that I ride my bike, or more specifically, I punish myself and test my physical limits on the bike, as a form of "prayer". It's how I pray. I think there's some truth in it because I feel weak and hollow whenI skip a day of training. Today was such a lapse- I blame the weather. Tomorrow promises to be miserable as well- rain is forecast. I sold items on ebay a week ago which I still need to pack and mail to their new owners. Work was crazy busy this week, coupled with my cold and my brother visiting, time and strength was very limited. Hopefully no one gives me negative feedback- I am only 13 points away from the elusive 500 mark in the ebay hierarchy. My little star's color is going to change! Woo-hoo. A hard-earned milestone. I am also in the middle of devouring "The DaVinci Code". The short chapters make it easy to binge. I carry the thing around the house- looking for a chance to steal a few pages in between wrestling sessions with our toddler and landscaping our front yard- which is now decorated with $500 worth of 3/4" lavender crushed stone. It looks awful pretty now that the stone has concealed the bare earth in petween our two huge patches of pachysandra. My wife's birthday is coming up! Less than two weeks to find a gift. I need a personal shopper! Anyone up for the task? I'll give you a calendar of events and a credit card- you find and buy the things which are guaranteed to impress my loved ones. Did I mention work sucks? I am sick with grief and worry about my projects going down the toilet financially. Speaking of which, remember that fancy glass I showed to you at the Ivy League school addition?- it's rejected! It's all getting ripped out and replaced. LMAO! I was onsite the other day noticing that they even inlaid little magnifying lenses in there! A construction worker spied me checking it out and make a remark about people's clothing catching fire. LOL. Tried to watch todays FB-GS game, but the reception sucked and I turned it off before the 1st half ended. Thanks DFH! for nothing! Fiddling with the dish position (while standing on my roof) and installing a new coax wire didn't help- I returned it and got my $35 back from Best Buy. A composite mixture of Shrimp L0-Mein, Starburst Jelly Beans, and Lays Mesquite BBQ Potato Chips is congealing in my stomach right now like a brick. I think I'll go downstairs and try diluting it with some Diet Sierra Mist, or a Sam Adams Light. I'll be back.

20 April 2006

2006 Ford Tour of Georgia Stage Two: Ukrainian Yaroslav Popovych Wins it Solo

He who hesitates is lost
Casey B. Gibson
Popovych gets the win
Casey B. Gibson
Been feeling a little under the weather lately, but the above pictures gave me some inspiration. No guts, no glory...
Stage two of the Tour of Georgia: Yaroslav Popovych sure knows how to impress the boss. With Discovery Channel's Lance Armstrong looking on for the first time here in Georgia, the rising star from the Ukraine made a late-race escape to win Stage 2 of the 2006 Ford Tour de Georgia on Wednesday. Popovych made his winning move on the last of four climbs up steep Clocktower Hill, then held his small gap to the line, besting Juan Jose Haedo (Toyota-United) and Fred Rodriguez (Davitamon-Lotto) in the 116.1-mile stage from Fayetteville to Rome. Popovych
finished in 4:47:39, six seconds ahead of Haedo, Rodriguez, Karl Menzies (Health Net-Maxxis) and Caleb Manion (Jelly Belly). The rest of the field trickled across the finish in groups of five and six, with all but the final 11 finishers losing no more than a minute.

15 April 2006

As the Wheel Turns

Today was a bust for me at the Ninigret race. My [chronic] bronchitis took hold and diminished my oxygen absorption, so after a few laps going 28 mph, I had to bag it- couldn't keep up. A buzz-kill? Yes. A setback? No.
Much later, I was dying for a bike ride in the nice weather and my brother Ali accompanied me. We had a fun easy ride on our local bike path, and as you can see, my camera phone came in pretty handy. It's been pretty rare as of late, but here are a couple of mugshots of yours truly. Ali is my youngest sibling, born 10 years after me. Six foot three and built like a brick shithouse. Do not cross him [or me] (when he's around) if you want to avoid a trip to the hospital. :P

14 April 2006

Tales from the Expat Harem: 6 Week - 20 City Book Tour

TALES FROM THE EXPAT HAREM is an expatriate anthology by foreign women in modern Turkey. It has been a #1 English best-seller in Turkey where it was released in Sept 05, and called “enlightening” by former New York Times Istanbul bureau chief Stephen Kinzer, “riveting” by world explorer Tim Severin, “thought-provoking” by University of Arizona Near Eastern Studies professor Elif Shafak, “addictive” by CNN and TIME correspondent Andrew Finkel, “insightful” by Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler, and “impressive and important for the country” by Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul.

The American editors will conduct a 6-week, 20 city Expat Harem Spring 2006 Book Tour in support of the North American edition of the book (Seal Press, March 2006).

For a full listing of tour events, see:

--15 April, Providence, RI, 1:00PM
Expat Harem bookstore reading and discussion
Books on the Square
471 Angell St.
(401) 331-9097

13 April 2006

Sorry for the Lapse in Contributions Lately

I'm sick with a head/chest cold, and also having those sudden cluster head aches lately. No time off from work though! This week I shipped $500,000 of woodwork to two projects. No rest for the weary! I'll try to post this weekend.
[To quote Mike Meyers as the Jewish lady on SNL], "Talk amongst yourselves..."

11 April 2006

College Tuition: Expensive by Design

Beats me, but maybe this custom hand made pane of glass with inlaid beads, gems and etched poetry- just installed at a famous New England Ivy League School Addition- has some answers. I'll find out the total cost paid by the school eventually. Any guesses? This glass covers both sides of a pedestrian bridge between buildings. The surfaces of the outer layers of glass are also etched to look like a hand print, when viewed from outside. How long before a disgruntled student who can't make tuition, lets a brick fly through it? I will laugh my f-ing ass off.

161st Anniversary of Turkish Police: K-9 dogs show off their skills

Turkish police officers and their K-9 team dogs display their skills during a ceremony marking the 161st anniversary of the police organisation, in Istanbul April 10, 2006.
10 Apr 2006 REUTERS/Stringer

10 April 2006

Paris-Roubaix: The Swiss Rejoice! Trains and Broken Handlebars Derail the Discovery Team: Boonen Falls Ass-Backwards Onto a Podium Spot

Paris-Roubaix was raced today (above), a gruelling 259 km bloodbath which includes about 20+ sections of cobblestones! The winner was from Switzerland- Fabian Cancellara- the first Swiss rider to win it since 1923. he escaped alone in the final 10k of the race and finished solo. See Full Results and Graham Watson's Photos. Bad crash for George Hincapie when his handlebars broke free of his bike! Favorite Tom Boonen upset- he finished fifth, and was later awarded 2nd place when the previous three finishers were DISQUALIFIED! Find out why: Velonews Article with Full Story

As for me: I did the Wells Ave training race in Newton MA the past two Sundays.
Here are the stats:
4/2/06: 40 laps (32 miles) in 1:18:51, AVG Speed 24.9 mph, AVG heart rate: 163
4/9/06: 40 laps again in 1:13:30, AVG Speed 25.4 mph, AVG heart rate: 173
At today's event I actually had some gas at the end and sprinted to about 18th place out of about 80 racers. Not too shabby considering it was only the seventh time on my bike since last fall! Thank you, indoor soccer!

09 April 2006


To: Mr. Rudy Buttignol, Creative Head – TVO
Showing the film “Armenian Genocide” on public TV caters to the wishes of some Armenian organizations to label their suffering as ‘genocide’, while completely ignoring the historically documented death of hundreds of thousands of Turks and other Moslems at the hands of the Armenian Revolutionary Bands during the First World War. As Canadians of Turkish origin, we are very disappointed that our Provincial Public Educational Television Network decided to air this film, portraying only the one side of a complex and controversial history, while ignoring the other. In the interest of fairness, equality and balanced journalism we, the undersigned, ask TV Ontario to reconsider showing this film in its program “Human Edge”. We urge TV Ontario, instead, to organize a debate on this sensitive and controversial topic where representatives of the Canadians of Turkish origin in Ontario and the Armenian community are both invited.
The Undersigned

From AT: When you sign the ONLINE PETITION, you are asked for an optional address. If you are learning of this petition here for the first time, do me a favor and type "Amerikan Turk" for your address. Most people are leaving it blank anyway- why waste it? Thanks.

Test Yourself For Daltonism: Color Blindness

Top Left Top Right Bottom Left Bottom Right

"Color blindness, or Daltonism , named after the Physicist John Dalton (who was a color blind himself).
Color Blinds can detect colors, but with several deficiencies in seeing the colors.Only 8% from population are daltons, most of them are men and only 1% are women."

This would make my wife a pretty rare breed- she can't see most of the numbers shown in the above pictures. Her father aced the entrance exam to the Turkish Navy, but because he was proven to be color-blind, he was denied admission. I know that this was a crushing disappointment for him. (He's now a retired math teacher- but still a staunch Socialist and Athiest) Sadly, I need to have our son Reis tested when he awakes tomorrow morning, because:

"Daltonism is a genetic character which is carried in heredity on a recessive gene on the X gender chromosome.Therefore women may be carriers of the deficiency and pass it to their sons. A son to a dalton mother will definitely be dalton too, while son of a carrier mother may have a normal sight."
Many more tests are found HERE

08 April 2006

The Fresh Kiss Portable Halitosis Meter

Takes me back to grade school when a lot of the girls had Hello Kitty notebooks, pencils and pencil boxes, but no breath testers! Oh well, back then kissing was considered to be disgusting.

I just bought a fabulous book from Barnes & Noble: 1000 Extra/Ordinary Objects. Full of many useful and useless gizmos and gadgets and weird stuff. I'd like to offer an occasional feature of the more interesting objects I find in there. This is the first. File under "useless trivia".

Buy one here: hello-kitty-breath-tester

Fellow Mensan Ranan Lurie: Uniting the World Through Art

From the MENSA BULLETIN April/May 2006:

"Cartoonist and Mensan Ranan Lurie, born in Egypt, raised in Israel, and now living in New York, has traveled much of the world in his 70 plus years. And, with political cartoons and paintings appearing in more than 1,100 newspapers, and magazines in 100 countries for more than 50 years, his art has traveled extensively as well. Now, the internationally renowned artist has created a new art form that is also traveling- and if it fulfills it's mission, will help connect the world by art and good will."
For the official Ranan Lurie site with superb pictorial screenshow, click here. Once there, keep clicking "NEXT".

Global Voices Online: Point-Counterpoint: Kurdistance vs. Turkey is Typing…

Deborah Ann Dilley:
"The Issue: The history of the Kurdish Question in Turkey is a long and complicated one. The Kurds accuse the Turkish government of cultural genocide because of Turkish policies such as their internal displacement programs and the supression of Kurdish culture and Kurdish human rights. The Turkish government on the other hand see many/most Kurds as terrorists because
they proclaim their Kurdish identity as above their Turkish citizenship–an ethnic identity vs. national identity issue–under Turkish law, denying your Turkish identity also means denying the Turkish state: an act of treason. While my explanation of the situation doesn’t deal with everything, it helps to illustrate the complications of the situation."

Find this issue for debate at: AMERIKAN TURKS Discussion Forum

07 April 2006

It's About Time We Did Something- Please Join the new Amerikan Turks Discussion Forum

I set this up a few months ago and have not made any time to follow through with it.

It's a Discussion Forum, built using the best software on the market- VBulletin. The ease of use, the instant membership, the powerful features- you must try it to appreciate. Of course, no one has really ever joined besides my wife, a friend and one unknown visitor.

It's time to make an effort to start populating this great venue for discussion and debate.

Right now the site is like virgin snow, it's virtually untouched by users. My goal is to grow this thing into THE forum for pundits of all colors and flavors. It sure beats using the comments feature of my blog- and it's possible to link back and forth in between the forum and any web page. PLEASE join: Go to AMERIKAN TURKS Discussion Forum

05 April 2006

Armstrong to drive pace car in Indianapolis 500

Armstrong to drive pace car in Indianapolis 500
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Lance Armstrong can't wait to hear the roar of the crowd again when he drives the pace car in the Indianapolis 500.
Armstrong, who retired last year after winning a record seventh consecutive Tour de France, will pace the field at the May 28 race in a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. He says it will be a "rush" to hear some 250,000 fans screaming.
"You try to take all of that in," Armstrong said. "It will have been almost a year since I have heard that as a sportsman. It will be neat to get a little of that back."
Full article

04 April 2006

Quick! Pull my finger! Damn... Too late.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice speaks to reporters during a news conference with British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw in Baghdad April 3, 2006. The U.S. and Britain urged Iraq's leaders on Monday to break their political deadlock as quickly as possible to avoid civil war and take the country forward.
03 Apr 2006 REUTERS/Bob Strong

That was too easy. In case there is any doubt, yes the site of Condi makes me want to have a movement...and I'm not talking about Mozart. Lately I feel like a freak- the planets must be in really messed up positions. -AT

03 April 2006

Boonen repeats at Tour of Flanders: George Hincapie third

By Kip MiklerVeloNews editor
This report filed April 2, 2006
Proving once again that he thrives under pressure, Belgian superstar Tom Boonen shouldered the hopes of Belgium's cycling fans and delivered a win for the home team. With the world champion's rainbow stripes wrapped around his chest, and a real live rainbow arching in the sky overhead, Boonen beat the odds on Sunday to become the first man to win the Tour of Flanders two times in a row since Eric Leman did it in 1972 and '73.
If that sort of splendor wasn't enough to get the yellow, lion-emblazoned Flanders flags flying - and the countless roadside plastic cups of beer tipping - Boonen's next rainbow trick likely did: The 25-year-old was the first man to win Flanders while wearing the world champion's jersey since his legendary compatriot Eddy Merckx did so in 1975.
Full results

In third place was Discovery Channel's George Hincapie, Lance Armstrong's old lieutenant. When I was a junior (meaning and "18 and under" bike racer), I raced in many George Hincapie dominated events. When he was there, you knew the odds were stacked against you. I salute all of the finishers of this grueling 258 km death march of a race, especially the ones on the podium. -AT

02 April 2006

Three killed in Turkey bus attack: Pro-Kurdish unrest spreads from south to nation's largest city

Sunday, April 2, 2006; Posted: 8:29 p.m. EDT
ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) -- A group of men stopped a passenger bus and tossed gasoline bombs at it, sending the vehicle careening into pedestrians and killing three in Turkey's largest city on Sunday as pro-Kurdish riots continued to spread Full Article

Regarding Turkey, my advice to those responsible for this carnage: "LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT". The Kurds show their true colors in public for a change, instead of using the guerilla warfare they have been waging for decades in the remote mountains and valleys of southeastern Turkey. Your actions speak louder than words, and the world sees you for what you truly are. To wit:
"...Meanwhile, a militant Kurdish group warned tourists Sunday to stay away, saying it would target Turkey's tourism sector. The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons had claimed a 2005 attack on tourists in the Aegean resort of Cesme that injured 21 people, and a Friday bombing in Istanbul that killed one.
The separatist conflict waged by Kurdish guerrillas has left 37,000 people dead in the
southeast region since 1984."

01 April 2006

Spring Has Sprung! Set Clocks Forward! Cyclists Rejoice!

It's such a nice surprise to see green shoots and tiny flowers in our yard, this early in spring. The weather has been very mild these past few days, and I hope it sticks. Tonight before retiring, be sure to set your alarm clocks and watches forward one hour. It's also that time of year when the fire department recommends we all check the batteries in all of our smoke detectors. Take a second to press the TEST buttons tomorrow. It's also newsworthy to note that beginning in 2007, Daylight Savings Time will begin in early MARCH instead of April. This is GREAT NEWS for those of us who want to do outdoor sports after work, earlier in the year. It's tough to squeeze in a 1 hour bike ride, or a hike, run or walk when it's dark by the time you get home from work. Today I took a nice 32 mile ride and used my phone to snap a picture along the way. Burning 2000 calories couldn't be more enjoyable than when it's done riding a bike on beautiful country roads. -AT