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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

25 April 2006

ONE DAY LEFT TO VOTE!!!! HURRY! Yener Korkut is a FINALIST- Vote Him Into 1st Place! in The John Lennon Song Writing Contest

Listen to his Song (free mp3 download) and show your support! Please VOTE!
Special Message from Yener Korkut:
NEW - The JOHN LENNON SONGWRTING CONTEST on-line portion is now underway world wide...we need everyone to vote!
One vote per email address so if you've got 'em use them :>)
I'm very grateful my song "Night Fall in Istanbul" (before any production) has WON Session I Grand Prize in the world category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. This same song in its original version is now competing head to head with a full blown orchestra!!!
If you would like to listen to and/or download the latest mix please go to my MUSIC page and click on "Night Fall in Istanbul".
This portion of the contest is based *solely* on online voting. We need your vote!
Below is a direct link to begin the voting process, where you can at one stage hear the competitor’s song. There are a few steps to protect against voting fraud, you'll have to fill out a brief form to prove you're not a ballot stuffing bot ;>) Some of it is optional and voting doesn't take long. They will immediately email you your own special voting pass/url, then go and vote. It's simple (If you don't receive the email, please check your e-mail’s spam filters to make sure the email didn't get tossed into your spam filter's delete bin.).
***If you are having a voting problem for any reason please email:
Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think would be interested.
This link will take you to the John Lennon site to begin the process.
click here!
Voting: March 15th to April 26th.
Yener's much anticipated CD "Storm of Light" will be released April 10th and will be available online and at Borders!
1. Tango with the storm 4:57
2. Night Fall in Istanbul 4:12
3. Short Story 2:01
4. Evan & Brandon 4:55
5. Sevda IV 4:09
6. Daydream 4:12
7. Rising Sea 6:06
8. Once upon a Time 5:40
9. Ambush 3:46
10. Fallen Soldier 2:01
11. Good Morning Earth 6:16
© 2006 Yener Korkut

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