America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

10 April 2006

Paris-Roubaix: The Swiss Rejoice! Trains and Broken Handlebars Derail the Discovery Team: Boonen Falls Ass-Backwards Onto a Podium Spot

Paris-Roubaix was raced today (above), a gruelling 259 km bloodbath which includes about 20+ sections of cobblestones! The winner was from Switzerland- Fabian Cancellara- the first Swiss rider to win it since 1923. he escaped alone in the final 10k of the race and finished solo. See Full Results and Graham Watson's Photos. Bad crash for George Hincapie when his handlebars broke free of his bike! Favorite Tom Boonen upset- he finished fifth, and was later awarded 2nd place when the previous three finishers were DISQUALIFIED! Find out why: Velonews Article with Full Story

As for me: I did the Wells Ave training race in Newton MA the past two Sundays.
Here are the stats:
4/2/06: 40 laps (32 miles) in 1:18:51, AVG Speed 24.9 mph, AVG heart rate: 163
4/9/06: 40 laps again in 1:13:30, AVG Speed 25.4 mph, AVG heart rate: 173
At today's event I actually had some gas at the end and sprinted to about 18th place out of about 80 racers. Not too shabby considering it was only the seventh time on my bike since last fall! Thank you, indoor soccer!

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