America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

09 April 2006


To: Mr. Rudy Buttignol, Creative Head – TVO
Showing the film “Armenian Genocide” on public TV caters to the wishes of some Armenian organizations to label their suffering as ‘genocide’, while completely ignoring the historically documented death of hundreds of thousands of Turks and other Moslems at the hands of the Armenian Revolutionary Bands during the First World War. As Canadians of Turkish origin, we are very disappointed that our Provincial Public Educational Television Network decided to air this film, portraying only the one side of a complex and controversial history, while ignoring the other. In the interest of fairness, equality and balanced journalism we, the undersigned, ask TV Ontario to reconsider showing this film in its program “Human Edge”. We urge TV Ontario, instead, to organize a debate on this sensitive and controversial topic where representatives of the Canadians of Turkish origin in Ontario and the Armenian community are both invited.
The Undersigned

From AT: When you sign the ONLINE PETITION, you are asked for an optional address. If you are learning of this petition here for the first time, do me a favor and type "Amerikan Turk" for your address. Most people are leaving it blank anyway- why waste it? Thanks.

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