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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

25 April 2006

The Rest of the P.B.S. Story

This link directs you to the MSNBC article which explains some of the controversy.

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metin said...

It's sad to see us Turks turning this major public relations embarrassment of an issue into a beauty contest to be judged by the favorable results of a mere poll. It is apparent noone, not even 'public' TV pays attention to them. Why not try a cooking contest, the nation that bakes the biggest cookie gets to win. Or how about a soccer game. Winner take all.

In today's age of politicians wanting to know every second of the day how the instant polls report their neglected matters of insanity, it is sad that the people have also falled victim to the same calamity.

I think it's time to debate this issue out in the open and start studying and separating the opinions from from the factual. Some of us may not even know the issues but feel we could just endorse one or another's opinion in the name of collective stance.

There are many taboos and skeletons in the closet in Turkey that need to be dealt with. The Armenian question is just one of them. When will be have the courage to speak out?

Murat Altinbasak said...

Metin, we didn't create the poll, and I have never been one to promote apathy or complacency, which to me, are far sadder approaches than just using a vote.

Debate the issue out in the open? What do you mean? As bloggers we are doing everything in our power to make our message heard (or read at least). What more are you suggesting we do? A collective stance seems a bit out of reach, there is too much mis-information flying around for anyone to make an informed decision. There's much learning and much work to be done!

I'm also cognizant of the fact that your preference is for Turks in the US to be better US citizens and contributors, in lieu of being lobbyists for a country 8000 miles away.. Hey we do what we can to fight our detractors. A passive approach doesn't feel right.

metin said...

We can definitely be better lobbyists only if we care about and share concerns of the issues involving our homeland here in America.

As for much learning that needs to take place to be better informed, I agree. I am just opposed to blanket opposition to claims of injustice and prejudice, as well as some inappropriate conduct that may have occurred.

Freedom of expression is denied in Turkey when it involves certain issues and that only serves our detractors.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Yes vs No = 60 : 40

Over 80,000 votes!

This is going well. Those against the panel discussion would have no objection if their claims were so iron-clad- it would be a slam-dunk. So why are they against it? If they were so sure of themselves, they would be saying "Bring it on! Let's debate!"