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09 April 2006

Test Yourself For Daltonism: Color Blindness

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"Color blindness, or Daltonism , named after the Physicist John Dalton (who was a color blind himself).
Color Blinds can detect colors, but with several deficiencies in seeing the colors.Only 8% from population are daltons, most of them are men and only 1% are women."

This would make my wife a pretty rare breed- she can't see most of the numbers shown in the above pictures. Her father aced the entrance exam to the Turkish Navy, but because he was proven to be color-blind, he was denied admission. I know that this was a crushing disappointment for him. (He's now a retired math teacher- but still a staunch Socialist and Athiest) Sadly, I need to have our son Reis tested when he awakes tomorrow morning, because:

"Daltonism is a genetic character which is carried in heredity on a recessive gene on the X gender chromosome.Therefore women may be carriers of the deficiency and pass it to their sons. A son to a dalton mother will definitely be dalton too, while son of a carrier mother may have a normal sight."
Many more tests are found HERE


Daniel said...

Just a little adjustment to your post: Only red-green color blindnes is a sex-linked trait. The much less often occuring blue-yellow color blindness is not sex-linked and therefore affects man and women similarly.

If your wife is colorblind this makes her a special person. But I suppose that's not only circumstance to make her special!

Hilal said...

neat post--so how did your son *test?*

and ps: many thanks for adding my blog to your list of links!

Murat Altinbasak said...

Daniel, Thanks for the tip. Of course, every wife and mom's especially, are special to me.

Hilal, No problem! Reis learned to count 1 to 10 in English, Turkish and Spanish before his 2nd birthday, but he couldn't see any of those numbers. He just called them circles, even though he could read all of the other numbers on the screen.