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07 May 2006

As The Wheels Turn: Wells Ave Criterium

Today I raced as well... at Wells Ave, my weekly stomping ground in Newton Mass. Apparently this training race has been around for 25 years! See the particulars here. It was a good week for me on the bike- 155 miles overall, most of which I did on T-F-Sat. A bit unsure of myself today- legs felt a little over-cooked. With only two of my team mates there, there was little we could to to make a big impact on the 80+ field of racers. In the end, I think I timed myself perfectly and finished ahead of many riders who I'm sure are in better form than me. In spite of whacking the biggest potholes on the 0.8 mile course during the final lap, I managed to work my way from the nose-bleed section to almost the front with 100 meters to go and I finished 11th place. So sometimes a combination of timing, risk-taking and experience pay off more than fitness. It was a dangerous sprint. In the previous race for the less experience "B" riders, a crash at the finish sent one or two people to the hospital in an ambulance.
Here's the 411 of my progression at Wells Ave so far this season:
April 2: Avg speed 24.9 mph, Avg heart rate 168
April 9: Avg speed 25.4 mph, Avg HR 173
April 30: Avg speed 25.7 mph, Avg HR 170
Today: Avg speed 26.8 mph, Avg HR 165
Needless to say, the math is simple: when speed goes up and avg heart rate goes down, it means that the many hours of "controlled injury" I've been inflicting on my body are getting positive results.
In other trivia regarding the Boston Road Club (I used to be on their team), the long-time title sponsor, ATA Cycle (yes, owned by a Turk) has ended the relationship with the club. This came as a surprise. ATA Cycle, and another bike shop called QUAD Cycles, are both owned by Turks (they used to be partners at ATA before a separation of business interests) I had joined BRC just to be close to these guys- Rustem and Husam, for what benefit, I'll never know. I know of only one other Turk in my region who races competitively- Turgut Balikci (he lives in CT I believe) Look forward to meeting him one of these days.


Left of Center said...

congrats! Man If i get my heart over 140 my eyes pop out.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Thanks Lefty. You really must work your heart and keep it strong! Strong heart = long life! Your eyes will stay put, I promise. Just make sure you close 'em when you sneeze.