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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

12 May 2006

Blogging: One of the Seven Deadly Sins?

Amerikan Turk: 10 months, 374 posts, 15000+ visits, almost 35000 page views

Seems I am averaging more than one post per day, with each of them averaging about 40 visits each. In the blog hierarchy I'm sure that's pretty low on the totem pole, but hey it's more than I ever believed I'd reach last July when at first it all began. A.T. should reach 20,000 visits by it's 1 year anniversary on July 5th. We'll see. Will it matter? The greatest thing about blogging is that all of this work is saved electronically, hopefully forever, for future generations to read and enjoy. I've tried keeping hand-written personal journals and diaries in the past- it's never worked for me. Probably because there's NO AUDIENCE! That said, the question begging to be answered is this: Could blogging be an indulgence in one of the Seven Deadly Sins ?

Most of us bloggers seem to like ourselves, don't we? Yeah we love the sound of our own voice, and our affair with ourselves is fueled by those who pay attention to our ranting and raving. It's a cycle that feeds upon itself. This might explain why most blogs putter out after a few weeks or months. Those who don't attract at least a small audience, have little reason to continue shadow boxing. Don't mean to generalise and paint all of us with one broad stroke, but I think that it's definitely true that once an audience is established, a blogger is hooked and can't quit. I'm pretty sure that the reverse is also true, and I hope not to become such an example. After all I have my pride. -AT


Left of Center said...

I thought I'd leave a commnent so you wont get doscouraged and quit. lol just kidding of course. How do you see how many posts you have?

Murat Altinbasak said...

Hi Lefty. Yeah I've thought about just stopping, many times. The "Blogger dashboard" tells you how many posts you have to date. Sitemeter tells me the rest. I do love comments though, so thanks.

Elif said...

Yeah, I am hooked on Amerikan Turk:) Congrats!

Murat Altinbasak said...

Elif, you are truly one of the balcony people. Thank you.

Noel said...

I am in the same boat . I started my blog just to see what it was all about , and have talked to myself for months . I think it is finally catching on , but has a long way to go .
Don't get discouraged , keep it up !

militant pro-Bush Islamophobic right said...

Maybe you should share the limelight with other contributors, perhaps from the opposite perspective.