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03 May 2006

Moussaoui Lives, Rightly So...

The verdict was the correct one! When the most advanced, richest, and civilized nation in the world (or so we think) takes life as punishment for crimes, it sends the wrong message to the people of countries where the death penalty was abolished, where it's unlawful. It's completely shameful that death sentences are still handed down in more than half of the US states. Considering our 'holier than thou' attitude and our 'do as we say, not as we do' M.O., it's little surprise that the applause meter for the US has fallen so silent.


yuvakuran said...

interesting, thanks

metin said...

. . . (or so we think) . . . are you serious??

i see instances where death is the appropriate sentence. this is one of those cases. in fact, lethal injection may be too easy, what about public lynching at times square by the families of the people whose lives were affected by 9/11.

as for 'do as we say,' it's not the US that preaches ending death penalty to others.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Yes I'm serious. Americans by and large believe they live in the greatest place on earth. Do you deny this?

Death is never the appropriate sentence. When did G-d give us the go-ahead to kill eachother in vengeance? There are commandments in every world religion forbidding it. I'm about as un-religious a person as you'll find, and yet "live and let live" is instinctive (for me).

You're right, the US doesn't preach the death penalty to other countries, be it in favor or against. The US preaches democracy and freedom. Why would we promote something as ugly and sinful as the death sentence? On the other hand, why would we preach against something which takes place in the US on a regular basis?

metin said...

You said: "Americans by and large believe they live in the greatest place on earth. Do you deny this?"

Speaking as an American: America IS the greatest place on earth.

As for God, our current secular laws do not involve God to begin with. In fact, some who believe in the death penalty are also anti-abortion people who beleive abortion to be murder. You can't bring God to certain arguments but not to others.

In fact, in certain interpretations of Islam by certain muslims, death by stoning of adulterers are allowed, contrary to your statement. Obviously, I never said religion encourages death of the 'innocent.'

But I think I can probably find you a 'religion' that would allow death for Moussaui or Zarqawi (who actually have done more damage to Islam than any non-muslim). And I say that as a religious person.

Murat Altinbasak said...

I don't think you get my drift.
This has nothing to do with separation of church and state. We need neither G-d nor government, to know that killing is wrong.
The death penalty, in my opinion, makes the US less than "the greatest place on earth".
Death by stoning has nothing to do with my statement.
I don't need to "find a religion" which justifies the death penalty, just as I don't need any religion for that matter, to know that taking the life of a criminal or a murderer is not a privilege or a responsibility which any of us, including the government, is charged with.

Should Ocalan be executed? Why does he still draw breath?

wannabeturk said...

I'm not sure I wanted him to get the death penalty or not. The reason being that I think he wants to die and the life he will live will be pretty horrible (which is fitting). On the other hand though, it irks me that I have to pay for this guys meals and housing basicaly - forever. He's getting more than many homeless people do.

metin said...

Murat, I am not the one who brought God into the discussion. Over and out.

Left of Center said...

I totaly agree.It was the right decision.