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19 May 2006

Turkey ex-PM Ecevit critically ill

ANKARA, Turkey (CNN) -- Former Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit is in a critical condition in hospital after undergoing surgery for a brain hemorrhage, hospital and political sources say.
According to the hospital in the capital Ankara, Ecevit, 80, is paralyzed on his right side following a four-hour operation to stop the bleeding and is in intensive care.
A political ally, Zeki Sezer, leader of the Democratic Left Party, said on Friday Ecevit's health was improving.
The former PM fell ill at his home Thursday evening after attending the funeral of a judge killed the day before in a courthouse shooting.
Ecevit, who is a staunch nationalist and secularist, served as Turkey's prime minister five times and is best known for authorizing the 1974 invasion of Cyprus, which led to its division into Greek and Turkish sectors. More..

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