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12 June 2006

Good shot Fatih

Turkish flag flutters behind a cross on the roof of Greek orthodox patriarchal church of Aya Yorgi (St. George) in Istanbul June 11, 2006. (TURKEY) 11 Jun 2006 REUTERS/Fatih Saribas


metin said...

Is there a 'Turkish' rule on which direction the crescent of the Turkish flag needs to face when the flag is full-mast.

I wonder what the 'law' is when the sign of the cross is shown in the same frame as the symbol for Islam.

By the way, does the color red represent the color of blood of those who were killed in wars . . .

I wonder if these 'silly' laws are the reasons behind the EU's insistence on 'reform.'

Murat Altinbasak said...

Good questions Metin. Since all flags are two sided, I suppose that any flag appears two ways, depending upon which way the wind blows, and which side of the flag you're on.

I do believe I have seen the Turkish flag in reverse on either THY airliners or on some fighter jets.. I may be mistaken. Laws are inevitably broken I guess.

metin said...

kinda like how AMBULANCE is spelled backwards so we can see it the right way in our rear view mirror . . . silly laws!