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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

26 June 2006

A long overdue composite round-up of Turkish blogs

Hakan Aydin lives up north near Boston, I reckon..making him the closest to me here in Providence besides perhaps Captain Ahmet.. This week Hakan offers a quiz regarding the voting right of women. It's not the first answer which will astonish you, but the ones which follow.. If you report that you got all of the answers correct, we won't believe you..

Celal at
Icarus Redeemed gives us a glimpse of the dark side of the earth. In another post of intrigue, we discover that yes, no valid justification exists which casts any doubt on the idea that gambling is a sin. It might sound like I was born in a barn or live in a cave, but my life to date has given me no exposure to any Turks who are anything other than Muslim. For this reason I am so happy to have Celal among us. Sorry to bird-dog you Celal, but I find it exhilerating to know that there are Turks of nearly all faiths throughout the world.

The Infidel finally gets off of his tookus and gives us something to cut our teeth on. He's all choked up over the goal which Argentina scored on Mexico the other night. I agree that sport (not only football) is one of the primary sources of joy for untold millions, ranking up there with children, music and even religion, depending upon flavor... But after laughter, come tears! Feeling joy is not habitual nor does it occur without just the right dose of stimuli. Why do we seem to be so hard-wired to feel pain, so often? Makes you wonder if joy is just an occasional short circuit..

Dr Ugur Akinci at
Turkish Torque has been MIA since May 6th! Come back! Please give us a sign that everything is ok in your world...

I don't know his name but the keeper of
Ziddiblog has come to life and is covering a lot of the World Cup soccer action. View pictures of this mysterious and handsome blogger here. (Gaahhh! it feels so WRONG for men to compliment the looks of other men.. Feel so unclean! UNCLEAN!) Seriously though he's a smart looking chap. Is he a member here? Better be!

Our friend Mustafa Akyol at
The White Path posts very recently about Rabbi Stephen Julius Stein, and salutes him for his "..very considerate criticism of the anti-Islamic propaganda carried out by the Syrian-born ex-Muslim psychiatrist Wafa Sultan." I recently bought Mr Akyol's book, Kurt Sorununu Yeniden Dusunmek (a relative traveling here picked it up for me in Turkey) and I am ashamed to admit that my Turkish comprehension is far too limited to enjoy it. It sits un-read on my book shelf alongside Metal Firtina. My dear wife Ebru has snatched it though and seems to be devouring it! See this is the price paid by Turks who were born in the United States! I feel like such a dunce.

Guys, I am so out of time, with so much more to cover... sorry to have to cut this short. I didn't realize it was already 12:30 AM!

Please show your love for
Erkan's Field Diary and pay a visit. Nobody tries harder to please his readers and no one does a better job of keeping us informed of the events unfolding in the homeland..

We may rise and fall.. but in the end... we'll meet our fate together!

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