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22 June 2006

Melt-down at Amerikan Turks Yahoo Group

We are all talking about how much talking we should or shouldn't be doing! I'm loving this.

We're also debating whether we should allow any use of the Turkish language, or whether we should allow casual conversation and discussion...

It's pretty clear that everyone marches to a different drum beat. What's great about the past couple of days is that all or most of our core blogging members are throwing their hats in the ring, showing some of their true colors for a change. (I don't mean that in a bad way at all)
We're getting better acquainted and even becoming 'cyber-friends', thanks to our two common denominators: we're all bloggers and we're all tied to Turkey in some way...

Regrettably, we lost a member or two in the fall-out, and there is one in particular who I hope will return to us. .. Oh well, onward and upward. We're not the largest Yahoo Group, that's for sure.. But we more than make up for it with our collective wit, wisdom, knowledge and of course our aggregate contribution amount to the blogosphere. Lots of horse power in here!

Membership is open to anyone, whether you are a blogger or not:
Amerikan Turks Yahoo Group
Don't be a weenie. Join now and see if our content pleases you.


Anonymous said...

I love it when Turks get together, talk about casual things, soccer, backgommon, cycling etc, while their neighbors are conspiring against them, wanting to escalate a bloody war with them etc.

I think it is time Turks start to become more politically oriented. Just look at what is going on in this blog:


This is just a small example how Turkey's enemies are uniting together and organizing a massive brainwashing campaign in the world.

You should start thinking more about political issues if you want a bright future for Turkey. No nation can withstand so much active lobbying and brainwashing, the kind the Greeks and Armenians are now doing against Turkey.

All the best,

Gulay said...

Agree totally, but the problem is the Governemnt back home and the Nationalist lawyers...I really hate the power the Greek...spit and Armenian ...spit..diapsoras have compared to us. When the hell are we goimg to stand up and say enough...we are Turks created in 1923 and thats who we are... the rest is gone... this is why I stick to soccer normally because the politics really really upsets me.......more than FB!!!!!!

American Hero said...

Turkey will never have a bright future. It has always been a blight, but never bright. Barbarians rape and pillage villages, rape little girls and boys. Ataturk was gay/pedophile...proof is in American State Department secret archives...and in his wartime actions.

For a little video on how glorious the Turks are

Anonymous said...

"diapsoras have compared to us"

The power of the Greek and Armenian Diasporas in the Anglosphere is due to two reasons:

1) Both people place a large cultural emphasis on education and material advancement. For a Greek or Armenian being rich and educated are both unqualified good and top of the list of virtues.

2)There are millions of Greeks and Armenians in the West because they were forced to leave their traditional heartlands of Asia Minor after the explosion of Turkish nationalism in the 20th century and the ensuing genocides, persecutions and pogroms carried against them by their turkish fellow citizens (Armenian Genocide, Greek Genocide, 1955 Pogrom etc).

3) They are still forced to remember and promote the memory of these events (as the least duty they owe to their murdered ancestors) because of the modern turkish state's refusal to admit they even happened. Notice that there is no mention of compensation or restitution here, just the acceptance of past events.

4) Today, Turkey as a nation, far from from accepting its historic responsibility to the Armenian and Greek people chooses to use its considerable military might to bully the two small and weaker nations by threatening war against them, by supporting Azeri aggresion againstd ] Armenia. Further Turkey has closed its landborder against that landlocked state which together with the embargo Azerbaijan has imposed effectively isolate it from the outside world. Finally Turkey habitually challenges the status quo in the Aegean, recently downing a Greek fighter jet and killing its pilot.

So you see Turks don't make it easy for the Greek and Armenians to attempt a meaningfull reconciliation with them, while being responsible for the size of their respective Diasporas to begin with.

Murat Altinbasak said...

1) You lost me
2) Bullshit
3) You lost me again
4) The figher jet incident was an accident, and Turkey is not threatening war with anyone.

American Hero: Your hate-mongering racism has been duly noted. Why do you return here again? I don't come and pollute your blog, do I? (clap...clap...clap)

Anonymous said...

"hate-mongering racism"

Like this you mean?
"Greek...spit and Armenian ...spit.."
Seems like that didn't excite your anti-racist sensitivities too much...

On another point what you are doing in perpetuating the Turkish myth that there were no genocides, persecutions, ethnic cleansings and pogroms against the Armenians and Greeks (not that Jews, other Christians or the Kurds fared much better) is called Genocide Denial and is very ugly. Guess your humanist instincts were not too bothered by this either. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

1) & 3) are respectively the explanation for the prominence and reason behind the activities of the Armenian and Greek Diasporas that so irked your spiting friend.

2) Is a factor in both the prominence and the reason of these activities. The number of Greeks and Armenians in the West shot up after their ancient communities in Asia Minor were destroyed in the early 20th century (*). Prior to that they were two of the largest minorities in the Ottoman Empire with overwhelming contributions in its political, economic and cultural life. Today there are almost no Greeks left in Turkey and few Armenians. If you can't see any correlation between their numbers declining in one place and growing in another at the same period in time please say so.


(a) Threat of war
• The Turkish parliament has voted in favour of declaring war on Greece should it exercise its constitutional right (under the Treaty of the Seas) to expand its territorial waters to 12 miles. That is a threat of war.
• The prime minister of Turkey had threatened Armenia with war during its conflict with Azerbaijan. That is a threat of war.
• Finally Turkey had also threatened war on Cyprus if it exercised its sovereign right to purchase and install the S300 missile system. The fact that it would have been a deterrent to further Turkish aggression (not unreasonable given the illegal invasion and occupation by Turkey of over 30% of that country's territory in 1974) is no excuse. It is in fact the whole point. That is a threat of war.

(b) Killing pilot
As for the downing of the Greek plane being an accident it is easy to say since the Turkish pilot survived. Further you discount the number of Greek airmen already killed by Turkey in the past, not excluding the crew of a helicopter downed in the 1997 crisis. Finally you discount the cost to a small country like Greece of maintaining a large air force and army, constant air patrols and the concomitant deaths of pilots in action due to accidents arising from the above circumstances.

(c) Other
You still haven't answered on (a) the embargo on Armenia that is costing the lives of hundreds each year through lack of medication and malnutrition, (b) Turkey's attempts to change the status quo in the Aegean and revise the Lausanne Treaty based on its military power.

I sincerely hope you have the gumption to leave these answers here since combined with your nationalist and intellectually lazy responses make a powerful point all on their own.

(*) In fact there were significant waves of migrations following the Ottoman conquests starting from the 10th century. That however does not bear on the modern Turkish state.

Jugular said...

That "spit" comment was, I'm sure, not directed against all Greeks and Armenians, as most Turks don't harbor hatred against Greeks and Armenians. (Because the parents of Turks do not raise their children with such hatred.) It was directed against the Greeks and Armenians who make Turk-hatred their hobby, and the ones who are so blinded by their emotions, are perfectly willing to warp the facts in order to make their racist points -- as the fool in question, here.