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23 July 2006

Bolton defends Israel's actions in Lebanon

"What Hezbollah has done is kidnap Israeli soldiers and rain rockets and mortar shells on innocent Israeli civilians. What Israel has done in response is act in self-defense. And I don't quite know what the argument about proportionate force means here. Is Israel entitled only to kidnap two Hezbollah operatives and fire a couple of rockets aimlessly into Lebanon?"

Would someone please give this douche-bag a kick in the crotch!??

See the baby with the burns all over her body, who won't stop screaming in pain? See her mommy who just lost her husband? Whose three other children are all in surgery, badly burned and dis-figured by the "surgical strike" inflicted by the Israelis, upon a defenseless old station-wagon carrying a family trying to flee the massacre?? What a fucking asshole you are. Fuck YOU Bolton...

This operation began as a "rescue mission", then changed to a "de-fang Hizbollah" mission, now it's a campaign of terror and indiscriminate bombings upon civilians and infrastructure. Soon it will become a permanent occupation and the birth of "Israeli Republic of Southern Lebanon". Clearing Syria out of Lebanon many months ago was the first phase of this plan. The kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers was the perfect excuse to launch phase 2. Mark my words... -AT


Anonymous said...

It's horrible absolutely. But you have to ask, is there ever a time when war is necessary? I believe the answer is yes, and this is one of those times. Israel's border has become less and less secure since they pulled out of Lebanon - which is why they are reluctant to pull out of these terrirories to begin with. If there is someone to blame for the deaths of these innocents - I place it on the Lebanese government, because if they had enforced the UN resolution and regined in Hiz. as they were supposed to, this would never be an issue. And of course, what about placing the blame on Hezbollah themselves?

Finally, if Israel is going to protect themeselves, I say its a good thing that the U.S. is supplying precision guided missles. I would rather have these than inferior "dumb bombs".

I think this cartoon sums up the situation accruately.


Murat Altinbasak said...

There's a difference between "protecting" and "invading". Syria's pull-out left a large vacuum in Lebanon, one which Israel seems too willing to fill.. Exploiting weakness is unattractive.. Using civilian targets for target practice with American missiles, is not only despicable and criminal, it makes Americans like myself complicit- guilty by association. I pay my taxes, and look at what the money is used for..

The link to the cartoon didn't work. Please re-post it. Many thanks.