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23 July 2006

Can't-lead-ya Rice: Flatulent Bullshit Artist

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice speaks during a press briefing at the State Department in Washington, July 21, 2006. Rice said she would head to the Middle East on Sunday but dismissed growing pressure for an immediate cease-fire between Israel and Hizbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.
REUTERS/Jason Reed

How does one dismiss a cease fire? By condoning indiscriminate mass destruction and death. It's all good because in the end, Israel intends to occupy all of Lebanon, annex it, control it. The US's favorite lap dog is on the hunt, and master is beaming with pride...

Think back to the time when Turkey invaded Cyprus to protect it's citizens living there. Mission accomplished- "oh by the way we're staying, just in case of any more Greek aggression towards Turkish Cypriots..."

How many Jews in Lebanon? Few I suppose.. But hey two priceless Israeli soldiers were kidnapped, a few others killed recently. Punish all who live in Lebanon, not to mention the countries straining their resources as they try to care for the refugees. American tax dollars at work- funding Israeli terrorism against Lebanon. How does any American not bristle at the thought of this bullshit? Don't be surprised if there's a new welfare state added to the US' payroll- "The Israeli Republic of Southern Lebanon".

Folks, if there ever was a threat to Mid-East peace, it's name is Israel. Their recent reaction to the kidnapping of two soldiers is akin to an infant poking a pit bull in the nose, and getting it's face ripped off for it.

Meanwhile, nearly 20 Turkish soldiers are killed by Kurdish terrorists recently, yet Turkey has shown exemplary temperament, patience and restraint. I do not favor a Turkish military incursion into Iraq, Iran or Syria to "dry out the root" of the Kurdish terrorists- people will die on both sides... But if the Turkish government deems such an operation as necessary, then I will support the decision without exception. We must put faith in our leadership and their decisions. (The mantra of Bush-loving war-mongers here in the states three years ago.. Remember?!?!) -AT


metin said...

As I commented on Global Voices recently:

"I think the Israeli incursion into Lebanon to fight ‘Hezbollah’ should not signal a green light for Turkey to enter northern Iraq to fight ‘PKK.’ For one thing, American military presence in that region and as such a military campaign would be very distracted. Second, the Turkish citizens of Kurdish descent would not be helped with such an adventure as the eventual retaliation from the PKK will put them in a precarious position. Third, there are religious and cultural ties that bind the peoples of Kurds, Arabs, and Turks (although that hasn’t stopped Iran/Iraq war or recent Turkish incursions into northern Iraq in the past.) And lastly, Israel has a ‘most favored’ status among the powers to be, that Turkey hasn’t ‘earned’ yet.

I believe the solution should still come from diplomatic channels. The present government of Turkey (although slowly, but surely) has been willing to show patience as they work ‘behind-the-scenes’ to incorporate peace in the region.

The Turkish citizens of Kurdish descent probably would find themselves ‘at a loss’ if they ‘renounced’ their Turkish citizenship and allegiances to Turkey and sided with a ‘Kurdish-only’ state. They should instead continue to insist on more concessions, and rightly so, should receive it. The Turkish intellect and liberals should support such a noble cause. Why not a ‘Kurd-Aid’ or similar campaigns to get public opinion to support an integrated, but independent Kurdish federation within Turkey that could serve as a model for other ‘aspiring’ minorities in the region."

Getting back to Israel, there is more than meets the eye. And Islamic Radicalism or Fundamentalism (dishonoring in the name of Islam) is best served by those who are not muslim it seems. Where are all the Islamic countries united against 'terrorism' in the name of religion, leaving the door open for 'opportunists' such as Israel to accomplish its real agenda by way of 'fighting the wat' against terrorism.

I mentioned this in my own blog "Israel, a Terrorist State?"

Murat Altinbasak said...

Metin, by the phrase "independent Kurdish federation within Turkey", do you mean something like Puerto Rico? I do not support any such idea. I would rather see Turkish infrastructure and social/civil services enhanced for those living in the east. I would like to see the Kurdish Turks living in a place where the Turkish government gives them every conceivable amenity that is found in the west, such that they are proud to be a part of the Republic and salute it's flag. Kurds who pledge allegiance to Turkey will find themselves pressed against our bosom instead of hunted like prey.

metin said...

I mean Puerto Rico only if the Kurds can produce such Miss Universes for us.

Seriously though, how much longer can we insist the inhabitants of such an area Turkish by citizenry but Kurdish in nature, to live in an integrated state (much unlike/like the Cyprus situation.)

Should we continue to force them to not secede if they choose to live within their own means. Shouldn't we think of a compromise and let them choose (a referendum?) and then hold them accountable and responsible?