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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

03 July 2006

New Personal Best on my "Hilly Route"

I hate to bore my readers to tears with cycling miscellania, but today marks a breakthrough which I am excited about. About 11 months ago, I was beaming with pride because of a timed ride that I did on one of my regular routes, one which is comprised of one hill after another, some of them a mile long, most others rolling countryside- the kind which beats the crap out of you no matter what speed you push. Beginning to end it's 26.2 miles (like a marathon distance) Here's a comparison between that day in '05, and today:
August 4th 2005: Time of 1:18:35, avg heart rate of 158, avg speed 20 mph, my weight at the time was 167
July 3rd 2006: Time of 1:17:15, avg heart rate of 166, avg speed 20.3 mph, my weight today is 175
Here's the beauty of using a heart rate monitor. From the above information I discover a lot of things about myself:
  1. I am stronger today than I was last August 4th (if training progresses as planned, I will be even stronger by Aug 4th of this year, 30 days from now)
  2. In spite of being about 8 pounds heavier TODAY, I am climbing stronger than the same period 11 months ago as well. (if I was 8 pounds lighter today, my time would have been even quicker)
  3. Assuming that both rides were performed at my lactic acid threshhold (my redline limit), it appears that I have pushed that limit higher this season by 8 beats per minute
  4. Overall I am way ahead of the curve this season as compared to last year. This means a much higher peak come mid-August. I should be strong enough to win a podium spot before this season ends.

Sorry for the yawn factor of this entry. It's more for me to look back upon and compare against in the future, than it is for your enjoyment. Hope you like it anyway. One other thing to note, I wan't riding with a sprained ankle last season!

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