America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

24 July 2006

Recent Posts of Amerikan Turks Group Members

Erkan at Erkan's Field Diary gives us some great articles which define Why the US is Losing it's Credibility

Celal at
Icarus Redeemed gives us a very Cool ad from a Turkish bank

Metin at
Talk Turkey gives us excellent reporting from the Miss Universe competition.

Ahmet at
Sailing Nomad blows bubbles on the deck of his yacht. What better way to determine wind direction? His latest trip is chronicled beautifully, you'd wish you were there.

Deborah at
Turkish Delight gives us our regular dose of the latest Turkish blogs with her column at Global Voices called Turkey is Typing.

Introducing... Selene Verri and her
Turkish Diary. Recently she's giving us very good coverage of anti-Israel demonstrations in Turkey as well as other news related to the invasion of Lebanon.

Oz Kanka at
The Round Ball in Ankara reports most recently about the scandalous game-fixing in Turkish football..

Hakan Aydin at gives us some very informative contributions which reveal some un-wholesome news showing us just how supportive the US government is, of Israel's invasion of Lebanon.. Read: US expediting precision guided bomb shipments to Israel for an eye-opener. Also don't miss the link to BBC images from Lebanon showing the so called Measured response by Israel

Oguz at
Ziddiblog shares an article which underscores the hypocrisy surrounding Turkey's need to destroy the PKK terrorists, both within Turkey and across the border in Iraq.

Missing in Action:
Ugur Akinci at
Turkish Torque hasn't posted in nearly 3 months..
Phanja at The Need To Know is also MIA since early May
Tijen İnaltong at
Zen in the Kitchen gave their last contribution in late April
Not picking on them! Just pointing out that when our members seem to disappear, we notice, we miss them and we become concerned...
Hopefully all is well in their corners of the world.

As for me, I'm keeping busy pissing and moaning about the injuries I sustained from getting hit by a car last Friday. Licking my wounds and trying to heal. Lately I resolve to use as many dirty curse words as I see fit. It's ever so therapeutic. Oh and I installed this goofy chat box in the right column of my blog. Check it out and say hello. Use curse words if you want, I don't care.

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