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13 August 2006

"WTF" Picture of the Week: An Israeli air strike "INJURY"

REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra
A Lebanese medic attends to 11-year-old Muhamed Sameer Moussa, whose legs were amputated after he was injured in an Israeli air strike in al-Daheera, in a hospital in the port city of Tyre (Soure) in southern Lebanon August 12, 2006.

How often do we truly understand the meaning of the word "injury"? Media reports tend to mentions so many deaths, so many injuries. Seems to be a common ratio of 1:3... of every four people attacked, one dies and three are injured, some quite seriously, and permanently... like Muhamed Sameer Moussa above. What is his crime? Who has he wronged? Does he deserve this brutality? Dumb questions, I know. This image of an innocent 11 year old kid with no feet... what does it do to you? My heart's broken.. and I curse the times I bitched and complained about spraining my ankle and getting hit by a car recently. I guess I don't know good luck even when it kicks me in the teeth.. Is Muhamed an unlucky victim? or a part of G-d's plan for us? Did Muhamed not pray enough? Or did he fail to mention in his prayers that he never wants to lose his legs in an IDF air strike or be hit by one? Who prayed for this to happen? What fucking difference does it make? We're told that G-d already knows everything that will happen to each of us, and to everybody else... Makes prayer seem a bit like pissing into the wind, don't you think?

My heart goes out to Muhamed and his family. And remember, there are over 3000 Lebanese "injured" so far. That doesn't mean they skinned their knee or bumped their head folks... Regardless of your mental image of an "injury", know that other children aren't as "lucky" as Muhamed... Some of them are on the other side of the ratio.

A Palestinian man carries the body of three year-old Raja Abu Shaban, after she was killed by an Israeli air strike in Gaza August 9, 2006. An Israeli helicopter gunship fired at least one missile into a Palestinian militant training camp in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, killing two gunmen and a three-year-old girl, witnesses said. (PALESTINIAN TERRITORES)09 Aug 2006 REUTERS/Mohammed Salem


mktackabery said...

And that's just the physical injury toll. I think often of the mental trauma of being continually under the strain of raining bombs. That fear stays with you even longer. We leave so many wounds behind. . .

Mike R said...

I'm a fairly liberal guy, but what was 3-year-old Raja Abu Shaban doing in a Palestinian training camp? And aren't the Palestinians using "human shields" now? From my perspective, there's plenty of blame to go around. I don't know how to stop this Hatfield-McCoy thing. Maybe what's needed is for people on both sides to rise up, not against the "enemy" but to tell their own governments that they insist on peace.