America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

19 September 2006

A Day in the Life: No Rest for the Weary!

So how do you like my new profile picture? Calvin is the shit. Gotta love that kid... Why am I still up? If I described my day to you, it would seem that I run on nuclear power... This might be interesting...
- Our son awoke screaming at 4:00 am, didn't sleep again til 5:00
- I was up at 6:30, scrambled like mad to find my heart rate monitor chest strap, to no avail.
- Suited up and jumped on the bike at 7:30, resigning myself to arrive late (sans chest strap, grrrr- I HATE not knowing my heart rate and not having it recorded on a ride)
- Rode to work without incident (13.3 miles), changed clothes and packed the truck for a loooong trip to CT
- Made an unscheduled stop that was out of my way, to pick up some blue prints (took route 101 into CT for the 1st time- man is that road HILLY)
- Arrived at destination No 2 at 11:00 (a high school deep inside of Hartford), then discovered that I didn't have a hard hat with me. Had to walk 1/4 mile to the job trailer and back, to beg for a loaner, which was used, and which I cleaned before wearing... Then I measured for some future woodwork
- Arrived at destination no 3 at about 1:30 (another high school south of Hartford) FOUND the countertop that my customer swore wasn't onsite (yeah- eat humble pie,'s been there since last SUMMER)
- Also at dest no 3, customer reports that a white board I installed is ALL SCRATCHED UP and that the dry erase writing on it WON'T erase. (DUH- it helps if you remove the clear protective PEELCOAT dumb-ass, I had a classroom full of teenager laughing at their teacher's stupidity)
- Also at dest no 3, had to venture into the boy's locker room, where I swear something had to have crawled in there and died... I covered my mouth, the BO was soooo bad.
-Arrived at dest no 4 at 3:00... delivering glass shelves which go in my display cases. I resolved to install them myself (bad choice, even if it saved the company money) So one display case is downstairs, no problem. A teacher tells me the other one is upstairs (I manage many school jobs, and sometimes don't remember) So I hump 18 shelves up the stairs to discover-- you guessed it, the other one's downstairs too. I cursed that woman so badly in my mind, her ears might have been bleeding. Hit the road to go home at about 4:00
- Stopped to pee and get gas at a rest area. I am approached by someone who claims their car broke down, need $20 for a "serpentine belt" etc.... Whatever. I have no cash on me, and I'm not about to go use the ATM to give money to a grifter.. See ya. Sorry. Good luck...
- I finally get back to the office at about 6:00, run inside, change and get back on the bike to go home (the chest strap was in my TRUCK, grrrrr)
- After several near death incidents with cars on the road, I make it onto the bike path, home stretch. Thing is, I'm feeling great and posting new best times at all of my check points. So on the bike path I decide to drill it some more and make it to the very end of the path in under 40 minutes (from the time I left work)
- With one stretch of bike path to go, a Cadillac Escalade approaches from the side street. I wave him to cross, just as I get to the street. I stop, put my foot down (time is ticking! I am trying for apersonal best here) What does the imbecile do? He stops and waits for me to cross. I wave him across, frantically, yelling GOOOOO!. Folks, if I'm already stopped at the intersection, stopping for me is like a complete and total insult. Finally he proceeds, but the imecile behind him stops and waves me across... FUCK! I was hit by a car this year! I do not need to prance across a street, on my bike, when drivers feel like stopping. I cross, AFTER you get the fuck out of the way, after you LEAVE! Who's to say that another car from the opposite direction isn't going to t-bone me and kill me?
- So I lose about 20 seconds at this god-damned intersection, and post a time of 39:29. (should have been 39:09)
- By now it's dark, and I get home drenched with sweat. Reis and I shower together inour oversized made for two ADA compliant shower (he loves bathing with his daddy) and afterwards we watch a woman win $701,000 on the game show Deal Or No Deal, while I wolf down a plate of pasta.
- Reis and Ebru are now asleep, and I'm about to join them.
- I drove 200 miles today, was on my feet for about 6 hours, and rode my bike 30+ miles...
It was a long day for sure. Happy that I didn't drive straight home and that I had the resolve to ride the bike home, as planned, no matter what. Always keep promises to yourself- it's by far the best way to avoid depression. Say what you mean, and mean what you say... Sorry to ramble.. Thanks for reading.. -AT

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