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10 October 2006

Conspiracy Theory? Frivolous Hypocrisy? Double Standard? You decide

Turkey's enemies are intent upon blackening it's face, be it regarding WW1, the EU, human rights or ultra-nationalism..
With such bad press outside of Turkey directed against it, Turkey must protect itself..
Especially from within...
So when a Turkish writer or journalist or poet disparages his own country, it's like twisting a knife into the back of his/her OWN wounded family, and it's a punishable offense.
"Insulting Turkishness" is a crime which has drawn strong criticism. I personally don't like it (or rather, I don't like that Turkey has been forced into this position by outside influence) Here's the conundrum:
Laws are being created [outside of Turkey] making it criminally unlawful to deny Armenian "genocide".
Meanwhile, Turkey's approach toward Turks who offend the State is criticized and condemned... by the very same people who are trying to pass laws which make it a crime NOT to offend Turkey!
Using this gorilla logic, a Turkish person in Turkey can be jailed for proclaiming the "Armenian genocide" as a factual event... This same person, after being rehabilitated and re-educated by the Turkish prison system, may later travel to France and proclaim that the Armenian "genocide" is false, and serve time in prison there as well!
France's message is clear: "When it comes to freedom of speech, do as we say, not as we do".
When will the world's assault of everything that is Turkish, abate?
It seems to have become quite fashionable to insult Turkishness from a distance AND condemn Turkey's treatment of Turks who do the same.
Divide and conquer.
Make people choose a side (there are many), because they can't be defeated if they are united as One...


Seph said...

Could we say the same thing about, for instance, Alex Haley, whose "Roots" painted a image of slavery in America that was far more unflinching than Pamuk's and Safak's weak and timid offsides about the Armenian Holocaust? Would you say that he "twisted the knife" into the backs of his countryman?

Meral said...

Ağzınıza, kaleminize (klavyenize) sağlık...