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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

03 October 2006

Death is all around...

In recent news..
A woman attacks a young mother, cutting her up and stealing her 8 day old baby... Fortunately, mommy's recovering and the baby was found.
Another woman is found dead in a field, her belly ripped open with scissors, fetus gone... Later it's discovered that the babysitter did it, and the fetus died, and that the dead woman's other three children were drowned and stuffed into a washer and dryer. These were one and two year olds... Sick fuck- I hope you suffer for eternity.
A man shoots his wife and three kids dead the other day in cold blood.
Another man recently takes some high school girls hostage and shoots one in the head, and then offs himself too. Good riddens.
Today another psycho storms an Amish school and tries to execute ten young girls, killing four of them.
These people live among us?!?! Who is protecting us from these parasites?
It's funny how Homeland Security is tapping phones, harvesting information, arresting people without charges, profiling Muslims in the US, no-fly lists and what-not.
Yet these short-circuited douch-bags with homicidal and suicidal tendencies fly completely under the radar.
So to all of the right-wing-nuts who love to beat their chests and finger us moderate Muslims for all of the terrorism in the world, I repeat your own tired mantra, right back at you:
"Where's the outrage?"
So, America, clean up your own house before demanding that the "silent majority of peaceful moderate Muslims" take up arms and fight the violent extremists.. As if!... The might of the most violent entity in the world: the US military, can't do it... Meanwhile, non-violent Muslim civilians are bird-dogged as "complicit" and "cowardly". What should we do? Start operating anti-terrorist training camps? No... Short of completely denouncing our religion, all moderates are fucked no matter what they do.
Some of the things which common ordinary Muslims refrain from doing are: drowning babies, cutting pregnant women open and shooting little girls and boys dead in cold blood.
Lately it's hard to judge which nations are truly sick and degenerate... Afghanistan and Iraq are no doubt on top of such a list, but that's clearly by design of another country which is also at the top: USA
Read the statistics and prove me wrong.
Sure, we're relatively safe from foreign invasion, but who will protect us from ourselves?
I realize that comparing Islamist terrorism to domestic violent crime is not apple to apples...
All I am saying is that the self-righteous holier-than-thou do-as-we-say, not-as-we-do BULLSHIT we hear from the White House and it's diminished/diminishing number of supporters, is completely meritless and hollow.


gewilli said...

well said Murat... well said

Gulay said...

could not agree more about the US, congressmen in charge of child security sending explicit mails to 16yr old about fox and chicken coup

Murat Altinbasak said...

Thank you g.
Thank you Gulay.