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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

11 October 2006

Turkish Yahoo Groups: The (Soon To Be) Definitive Guide

I am going to list all of the Turkish Yahoo groups I've found over time. I may refrain from giving my assessment of each, at least for now. The point here is to make this post the top Google result for "Turkish Yahoo Group", so I will be adding new Yahoo groups as I discover them.

Amerikanturks Created by yours truly on January 7 of 2006. Co-moderated by Metin and myself. 126 members as of this date. English-only and centered around Turkish bloggers.
ATA-Houston Created September 1999. 1102 members as of this date. Low message volume of about 15/month average.
BayAreaTurkleri Created December 2004 and has 350 members. For the Californian Turks.
BelcikadayasayanTurkler The name says it all. Mixture of English and Turkish used. HUGE message volume of about 1500 average/month. 862 members, created May 2003.
Daughters_of_Ataturk Probably the fastest growing group out there with 1240 members. Message volume has recently spiked to over 1000/month. Created April 2001.
desifre Okay this one is creepy. I was invited one day via e-mail and said okay what the heck... Created in March 2005 and now has 473 members. Huge volume of messages, most of which go right over my head. I don't understand anything they're talking about.
Ebru_Gundes_Fans Don't laugh! This one is very popular, has been around since November 2002 , and boasts 1071 members. Worth a visit. Cute.
FLTURKS-ilan You guessed it. Floridian Turks! Since May 2003, 422 members have joined.
kuvayi-milliye-hareketi I can't even pronounce this one.. big name- big group! 1253 members as of today. Created in February 2005
latino-turk "This group has been formed by ''Mundo Latino Latin Dances & Promotions'' to enable all Turkish ''Latin American Dancing and Music''Lovers to communicate easily, to exchange information, and to socialize together harmoniously." 456 members since November 2000. An older group with very light message volume.
mensa_turkiye Can you hear the crickets? This one is on it's last legs, with only 36 members since July 2001. Murat stokes his ego and redeems his lack of a college degree with his hard-earned membership in this society.
NewJerseyTurk A VERY LARGE group- 4582 members since February 2002. Surprisingly low volume of messages though.
(Okay now I'm getting tired, so I will add details for these later)
nyrkturks 38 members
RI-Turks 218 members
SanDiegoTurkleri 783 members
SiyasetMeydani 725 members
uciturkish 118 members
UnitedTurkishRepublics 734 members
USA-Turkleri 2399 members
And for those wondering, yes I'm a member of all of these groups, and others not listed! If you know of a group which should be added to the list, please leave a comment to notify me!

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