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19 November 2006

Are Jewish Scholars At Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Advocating Censorship in America?

Re: "Denying Genocide" conference, December 3-4, 2006
Dear Dean Rudenstine,
As an American of Turkish descent, I am troubled by your choice ofspeaker(s) at the subject conference. My concerns are about both "the message and the messenger".
How can a controversial subject like the Turkish-Armenian conflict during World War One be presented to unsuspecting students, faculty, and indeed,public, as "settled history"?
And perhaps, worst of all, by a notoriously biased speaker?
Isn't this akin to presentation Israel's foreign policy by Osama Bin Laden?
Is this your sense of scholarship? Fairness? Decency? Respect for law?
Let me be more succinct with my criticism of your key speaker, Taner Akcam. Did you know he is a convicted terrorist in Turkey? He was one of the leaders of a armed and clandestine group advocating a Marxist-Leninist takeover of Turkish Republic caught red-handed in a bombing plot in late 1970s. He was tried, convicted, jailed, and serving time when he escapedfrom his jail cell. A while later, he surfaced in Germany, apparently having asked for and received asylum there. Hecontinued his studies in Germany and got a Ph.D. in Sociology (not history) in the university of Cologne in 1995. He has never been a historian and he can not read, write, or understand Ottoman Turkish (a heavy combination of Turkish-Arabic-Persian-and tradition) to study Ottoman history. He has never been seen in the Ottoman archives doing any research. He justre-circulates Dadrian's (his sponsor coming to America and source for information.) He has never been a professor.Taner Akcam was first brought to Michigan by the Armenian lobby for his virulently anti-Turkish stance, as he still seeks revenge from Turkey for his failed attempts of 1970s.
He is in America probably illegally because of the three very direct questions everyone seeking a visa to enter theU.S. is asked in the INS visa application forms:
1- Have you ever been a communist?
2- Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
3- Have you ever worked against the U.S. interests?
He had to say "Yes" to all 3 questions as he was part of a group which bombed the limousine of the American ambassador Comer in Ankara in 1969. But if he did say yes, then he would not be allowed to visit, let alone work, in America.
That's where his sponsors, the "Armenian falsifiers" came into picture. They sneakily relied on "German papers", which were, indeed. "clean", and got the visa. If those Armenian falsifiers are charged with perjury at some time in future, they are probably contemplating their defense as "ignorance of Taner Akcam's violent history in Turkey" and that they totally believed and relied on the German papers. The plot is still unfolding and one never knows what will happen tomorrow (remember theTopalian story? A "respected" Armenian leader, rubbing elbows with professors and politicians who turned out to be a leader of a terrorist cell whose task was to supply the explosives? he is serving time inprison now for his offenses.)
That's it for "the messenger" for now. An for your message, please readthe following that I wrote for a similar situation in California where the an Armenian professor tries to use the cover of "scholarly presentation" at an unsuspecting American college to spread Armenian propaganda:
SYNOPSIS: From Ergun KIRLIKOVALI to several African-American students who wanted more information about the Turkish views after the biased lectureby the Armenian professor :
"Today, you witnessed with your own eyes how the views of a group of people party to a controversial issue were censored by the organizers and the lecturer. Ask yourselves: How can this happen in the 21st Century at an institute of higher learning in the most advanced and richest state in the Union, California? And next time someone gives you a lofty lecture about the freedom of speech in America, please remember today!"Last but not least, genocide is a legal term and a verdict that must bereached by a "competent court", a la Nuremberg. Such a court wasattempted by the British but abandoned in 1921 due to lack of "court admissible evidence" right after the war. Therefore, such a verdict does not exist. Since you have used the term genocide, you either must producea court verdict by a competent court or chance being labeled the head of a racist and dishonest "lynch mob".
Ergun Kirlikovali


Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with Jewish scholars?

Gamze said...

The Jewish scholars at this school who are sponsoring this conference(along with the biased Zoryan Istitute) are presenting the so-called Armenian genocide as a historical fact, which it simply is not. Furthermore, they have Taner Akcam who has a dicey past and is NOT a scholar on genocide (nor is he a historian) speaking to this matter. For Jewish scholars hosting this event, one would think that they would have real experts/scholars on their panel. Since they are not providing the opportunity for the likes of Bernard Lewis to partake in this discussion is clearly censorship.

Anonymous said...

How do you know the hosts are Jewish? The article doesn't say. Are you somehow involved in the event? Also, even if they are, why does the host's religion even matter? By the way, I'm a huge fan of Bernard Lewis. But maybe they couldn't afford to have someone like him? I tried to find a link to more information about the panel, but couldn't. Do you have one?

gamze said...

The hosts religion would not matter except that the focus of this program all began with the Holocaust at its inception, a genocide that no one denies. How they could put Taner Akcam on their panel as an "expert" and "historian" (of which he is neither)had me baffled up until I saw that the Zoryan Institute was also invited - which also amazes me.

But you be the judge.

Anonymous said...

Gamze - I see your point.

Bolsa Hye said...

What does it take to be considered a historian. Taner Akcam has written 10 scholarly works on history and sociology, in addition to countless articles in Turkish, German and English. In 1988 he started working for the Hamburg Institute for Social Research on the history of violence and torture in Turkey. He earned his Doctorate Degree at The University of Hannover in 1995. The topic was called Turkish Nationalism and the Armenian Genocide on the Background of Military Tribunals in Istanbul between 1919 and 1922. Currently he belongs to the scientific staff of the Hamburg Foundation to promote science and culture, working at the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. Today, Akcam is currently a Visiting Associate Professor of History at the University of Minnesota.

Let's see, he did his Ph.D. on the Armenian Genocide, and your argument is that he is not a scholar on Genocide or a historian? Please! Whatever he is, I'm sure he is much more qualified to pass judgment on this history than this Kirlikovali guy, who thinks he knows everything.

Anonymous said...

"The hosts religion would not matter except that the focus of this program all began with the Holocaust at its inception, a genocide that no one denies."

I disagree. I am sure I can find many people who would deny the Holocaust. Look at the president of Iran. Look at Mel Gibson and his dad. Wasn't there a historian in England last year on trial for denying the Holocaust took place?

I don't agree with them, but they do it. No matter what the topic is, you will always find someone who will disagree with it. But good will always prevail over evil. It just takes time.

In a previous comment on this blog, either Murat or someone else said something like "you Armenians don't realize that it's not me that you have to convince. It's the Turkish government." when you bring up topics like this and argue a point that's the same as the Turkish government's, we have to try to educate you. We can't have you repeat the lies spread by your government. If enough Turks learn the truth, the government will have no choice but to accept the truth. One person at a time.

I thought it was interesting that you think so highly of Mr. Pamuk. I liked the picture. I can't help but wonder if deep down inside you agree with his views. He is an educated man not scared to think for himself.

When the Turks are no longer under the pressures of the government, they speak the truth. Mr. Pamuk did. Even Armenians Turkey can't say what they really believe. 301 will be knocking on the door.

gamze said...


No one in Turkey is holding the Turkish-Armenians at gun point to stay in Turkey. If they are so unhappy in the great Republic of Turkey, they do have options such as making a a move to Yerevan or another country. They have their own country and are free to leave. And yet they choose to stay in Turkey.

My own family in Turkey have many Armenian friends and neighbors whom they like very much. And they do socialize with my family who accept them with open arms.

Anonymous said...

Gamze, I am glad to hear that.

However, see this article:,0,829220.story?coll=ny-leadworldnews-headlines

gamze said...


and...? The article about al-zawari and Bush?? Sorry, but I'm not sure what it is that you wanted to draw my attention to.

Sean said...


Make sure you are copying the entire link. The Article I was pointing out is called

Refusal to acknowledge Armenian genocide


gamze said...


I haven't read the article but I will say that there will be continued refusal to acknowledge the so-called Armenian genocide.

Armenians have yet to make their case in an international court of law.

Until then, Sean, it isn't anything other than a very tall Armenian tale.

But let's stick to Murat's original post as I don't wish to go off the topic.