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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

05 November 2006

Mass Circumcision in Bulgaria

Listen to the old man at the end of this short video.. He's so full of shit his eyes are brown. It hurts like fucking hell.. Ask me!- they cut me when I was 8 years old, at a party house in Bursa back in 1979. Everyone in attendance circled around me while two men held me by my arms and legs from behind. Yes even the young girls who were there got a good look at my junk. I have a picture to prove this! I also had live music, a belly dancer and a decorated cardboard BOX full of CASH and gold coins by the end of the night. Mommy dearest bought herself a gold chain with all of MY money, and later gave it to my WIFE as a gift. Of course dear wife had it cut up and modified into a bracelet...
Needless to say, our son Reis was "modified" at the hospital within the first 24 hours of his life. I cried when I saw the little peanut all bandaged up.


Roger said...

Nothing in Islam rules out a prior injection of lidocaine (what dentists inject before, say, doing a root canal). That's what is so sad and strange about what you underwent 25 years ago, and what Bulgarian little boys undergo today. For that matter, American doctors mostly disdain lidocaine to this day.

The Koran is silent re circ. By Islamic tradition, circ is simply one of several hygienic traditions, one of which being the duty to shave pubic and armpit hair. I am confident that many Turkish men don't depilate, and it is possible that some educated urban women don't either. Does circ persists in Turkey mainly because being uncircumcised is very embarrassing in school, in the army, and on one's wedding night.

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