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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

03 December 2006

A Hitch-hiker's Guide to My Turkish Blogroll-2

What better way for Murat to relax and un-wind, than to stroll down the walk of fame and make obnoxious comments, stepping on others to lift himself higher?...
(parenthetical remarks) See some excellent ice-storm pictures
2 Our Allies This is a recip link and I don't understand a word of it
A Space Odyysey in English NOT the worst blogger out there- plays 'musical chairs' with the theme!
Aegean Disclosure Quality trumps quantity, but give me a break. More please.
almost turkish recipes A recent addition.. Food. Turkish. Enough said.
Amerikan Turks FORUM Plagued with tumbleweeds and spammers lately
Amerikanturks Yahoo Group Be great if you could end the drought and join
Andre Recip link. Doesn't work anymore- Must remove.
Athanasia's Daily Burcu: Obsessed with death? Or just in need of what's missing? Like me!
Athanasia's Daily (Turkce) Burcu's Turkish language blog. As useful as a Peugeot in the US
Beton Dans Recip link. Turkish blogs just don't do it for me.. I won't lie.
Binnur's Turkish Cookbook A very popular food blog (which one isn't?)
crebro New addition, cool artwork.
dbadioxide My new crush (Sorry idil and phanja, you will have to share me)
Derin Sular Serdar Kaya is a maven on matters involving Samuel Huntington
Energy Newsletter TURKEY I don't even know why I link here.
Erkan's field diary Turkish blogger of the year, if you ask me. The run-away leader.
Fabulous Finds Great site, but Nergis is as quiet as a foam rubber wind chime
Farid's crazy world... Read about our jet-setting Azeri-Turk's adventures
Fenerbahce Worldwide New addition. We kicked Galata ass today, didn't we!
Global Voices Online ? Turkey Past 11 months- 25 Kurdish posts- only 17 Turkish posts.. blogging gods angry!
Gulay, Galatasaray and the dogs There are no posts about dogs! What's up with that?
Hakan Aydin Good blog, give it to us more often Hakan. THY RULES!
Icarus Redeemed Brother Celal: passionate about the Bible and about Jesus Christ
ignore me if you can Should she stay or should she go? Take me with you! I'll be a fly on the wall
James in Turkey A recent addition. No links, no blogroll. So anti-social, James..
Joe's Ramblings Joe resides in Mersin, parties with beautiful Turkish girls, living the dream..
Kartal'in Gunlugu! Erkan's new project, in Turkish. Everything he touches turns to gold.
Left of Center I'm not a regular visitor since the Sopranos ended.. Sorry.
Living in Turkey: A Travel Diary Open to invited readers only??? Kiss my blogroll goodbye!
me and others Has what I consider to be a dream job. Grass is always greener...
Metroblogging Istanbul Shame on me for not visiting in a coon's age...
Michael J. Totten Another who has a dream life. Please DONATE via Paypal and keep it alive..
Mutfaktakiler Food blog. I'm sorry food blogs! I just don't visit enough! I'd be like an alcoholic in a liquor store
Narrator I should really do this post when I'm in a better mood. Enough said.
Obur Kedi [Glutton Cat] ANOTHER food blog. Hey only the best ones are linked here, btw
Pappillon A pro bike racer, sold me a helmet on ebay, missing his wife in Cuba, raced in Turkey this year
Radical Disbelief Serdar Kaya's new project. Makes "Socioeconomics" look like a pile of puke.
Randomview My brother Noel down in Texas. We share a passion for tools. Both his discussion forum and his tool collection no doubt makes mine look like a pile of puke.
Redneck's Revenge Another brother of mine down in the Lone Star State. Good site if you're a thick-skinned liberal "Mooselimb", as they like to say. Go leave a comment and wait for the hillbillie gang-bang to begin
Sailing Nomad Ahmet owes me a boat ride.. That's all I can say
Six Arrows A newer blog, sure to grow fast in good content and audience, in my opinion
SOCIOECONOMICS Dead. The former "Radical Disbelief". That back ground pattern is mesmerizing though. Soon to be de-blog-rolled.
Talk Turkey I imagine Metin drives a convertible, has a California condo with a waterview, and a new companion every night of the week... Did I just think that, or say it?
Tall Armenian Tale No comment. Except for 'thank you'.
The Infidel Full of piss and vinegar, says what he means, means what he says. winners never quit and quitters never win.. 'Respek'!
The Need To Know Phanja is lost in some SIMS game somewhere on the net, trying to build a virtual empire and fortune. Hence the 60 day (in)frequency of contributions. If I check in, it's just to see her pretty face.
The round ball in Ankara The best damned Ankara football blog in existence, and a key member of the Amerikan Turks Yahoo Group (see above for link)
The Truth Will Set You Free Another recip, although I do check in regularly to read the latest jab at Israel
The White Path That's funny- you used to link to me Mr Akyol. And I even bought your book! Damn and blast it
Turkish Blog Count Deborah's stalled attempt to cover all Turkish blogs. A beautiful start.. Please follow through!
Turkish Business Ugur Akinci's companion site to Turkish Torque
Turkish Delight Deborah's personal site, steeped with intimate personal trials and tribulations
Turkish Diary Selene, a French woman with some Turkish or Kurdish connections.. or do I have that reversed?
Turkish Digest When you want the news quick and ad-free, go here... every day. Do it now. Updated more frequently than you can handle.
Turkish Torque The original by Ugur. Back in the saddle with guns blazing. Ahmet Turgut. Enough said. If you don't check in here daily, you don't know soccer.
Union Velo Blog My pathetic attempt to multi-task, as neglected as a red-headed step child
We are the Turks Still waiting for my profile to appear here. Murat Altinbasak: blogger
ZiddiBLOG Putting the word "blog" in the title is like putting tail lights in a chrome bumper. Like an El Camino.. Cool as hell.

Hopefully no feelings are hurt. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm Italian but live in France, and I have Turkish AND Kurdish connections :-)

Delal said...

"Hopefully no feelings are hurt" -opps too late on that one

Burak said...

i like the straightforward criticism, even though my feelings are hurt!

Murat Altinbasak said...

burak: please forgive me for being a lazy piece of shit who has to read every Turkish sentence twice to understand it properly. "It's not you, it's me", rings true here.

Semih Aydin said...

Thanks for your prediction of a good future for my blog, that means a lot coming from a prominant member of the Turkish blogosphere such as yourself. I enjoy your blog immensely and just to be linked on here is awesome.

Noel said...

Thanks for the mention , I think this entry in your blog is a masterstroke ! It will gain you more readers .

Oguz said... may just be the sun in the turkish blogosphere's solar system...

Murat Altinbasak said...

semih: You are absolutely welcome... and that's about the nicest thing I've been told in a long time. Thank you.

Noel: I never thought of that... but the knife cuts too ways. I don't say nice things about every blog. No one is immune to my dry wit.

Oguz: I greedily accept your kind sentiment, but doubt I can ever live up to it. Thanks.

The Infidel said...

Murat, thx for the kind words. I particularly liked the "piss and vinegar" part. That actually sounds like a Borat concoction against Vodka hangovers or something.