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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

02 December 2006

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Lately I am pondering the zig-zag of directions that this blog has been taking. It seems that inconsistency is the only true consistency here. It's hard for me to put my finger on what I want this blog to become. At the moment it's just a popular google result for a small variety of topics, with a small handful of loyal visitors, all of whom I love and appreciate eternally.
Maybe it's time to add to the effort? Who wants to be a contributor here, for a short while? or perhaps on a regular pre-determined basis? (for example- one post every Thursday) Should it be reciprocal? Probably not as I barely have time to post here in the first place. I don't know.. It's important to define a clear cut goal or goals. "Aim for nothing and you will hit it everytime".. as the saying goes. I feel lost. Do I keep doing what I'm doing? (posting whatever I feel like posting indiscriminately) or do I need to choose a path, a specialty, a core competence? I reach out to my readers for some answers or suggestions.. In my mind, even this post sucks, it's an embarrassment. I feel out of control. My posts are random, unpredictable, from the hip, hastily thrown together without a lot of proof-reading or forethought. Someone grab me by the shoulders and shake vigorously until I come to my senses please.
And what's up with the word verification that I'm subjected to when using my own blogger dashboard?!? Grrrr.


metin said...

I follow your point. In fact, I drafted a 'post' last week entitled, 'the time has come . . .' for me to pause and venture into something else when it comes to the future of 'TalkTurkey.' But I am still re-considering.

I would rather blog about subject matter related to my business of marketing and entertainment. Current events (with a Turkish flare) is hardly something I am passionate about anymore.

I am hopeful you will find your calling, and/or simply continue to write from the heart. And those who are listening will continue to hear what you're saying.

Continue to be consistent with the inconsistencies. That's what a true blog should be about anyway. Just like life!

The Infidel said...

But, of course, you have now reached the teenage years of blogging, Muratson. This is a good time for not knowing what to do, where you want to go, or where the hell that zit (i.e. this post) came from.

You must find your inner piece that will unleash your passions to Christians, Muslims, and Infidels alike to bring them together with force against injustices done to the weak. You can call it "The Passion of Murat."

All right, all right, so besides the BS I just wrote, I do believe that blogs do not really have to have a direction. Your essence is in cycling, my friend, and you have stayed true to that since the beginning; besides that you can give your take on everything else you come across on a daily basis. What else is there? In that sense, that's exactly the goal of any blog. Raise awareness from a different angle, state your opinion, and make sure you sound sane while doing so.

So, here is your shake. Stop looking for a destination, Murat, and just make sure that the ride is f*&^$%g beautiful.


dbadioxide said...

"random, unpredictable, from the hip, hastily thrown together without a lot of proof reading or forethought"

but isnt that the exciting and creative part?

i do like to follow and think about your blog very much-especially because it is unpredictable and random. i would not think about something what i could predict anyway. seriously.
and i am interested to your domino effect idea.

Murat Altinbasak said...

metin: did I mention that my goal is for this to one day provide an income? some how some way... permitting me to ride my bike as much and whenever I like.. How do I get there from here? You're the marketing pro, right?

indifel: my goal is to make people come back, not once a month, but daily. How do the big blogs achieve this? not by talking about their wife and kids, or their hobbies/sports, I'm sure. You're point is well taken though. Thanks. As you can see, I've already applied the cycling part of my life into the new Amerikan Turks header. You inspired that.

dba: I can't explain why, but you see to be perhaps the most interesting reader/blogger I know. If I ever decide to hop a plane and head in your general direction, I hope we can hang out together.

Noel said...

A blog is a way to express yourself and put your thoughts out for the world to see . So what if there is no consistency ? Is there any in life ?
My blog is so slow , I think about quitting , but I know the inspiration will come some day .

dbadioxide said...

well, i thought we are already hanging out on the same sky hopping maybe even already the same plane.
thank you Murat, feeling so flattered with your hope:) i like they way you said it.

Murat Altinbasak said...

dba: I arouse feelings in people that they themselves don't understand..
That's supposed to be funny, even if it's true.

dbadioxide said...

tell me about it! that is appearently what i am doing too. i think i sooooo know what you talking about. usually, i make people laugh with the way i describe my perception of everything or anything happening around/in/on/of me.
it is funny, which is why it is definetely true.

my family says always that i am special(in a sarcastic funny way) whenever i trigger such non-directly-understandable-feelings in them.

they got used to it though. i think we are almost soulmates, lets find out more:)