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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

10 December 2006

LikeABike KOKUA Jumper: I'm in love

Update November 2, 2007: Since the time we bought our first LikeaBike Jumper in December 2006, we have become the official Kokua agents in Turkey and we are also authorized retail resellers in the US. If you have found this link by searching for LikeaBike or Kokua brands, please let us direct you to our new website where all models and accessories are offered:
In our new site you will find the most detailed descriptions and pictures of all the LikeaBike models, found anywhere.. period. Hopefully your product knowledge will be ehanced and hopefully you will make a better informed buying decision which includes our humble little company, WeeBike. Many thanks.

Originalpost from December10, 2006:
We saw this thing at the Caster's Grand Prix of Cyclocross today, where we went as a family to see the course and watch middle aged guys in tights hump their bikes through sand pits, carry them over wooden barriers and crash them in off-camber corners.. We were headed back to the car when we spy a toddler, much younger than Reis, straddling an eight pound dream machine of a training bicycle- look! no pedals to bugger up balancing skills. Some friends of ours recently bought Reis a kid's bike, bless their hearts- they meant well.. but it weighs 30-35 pounds and doesn't track a straight line. LOOK at this thing though- the KOKUA is made in Germany with the same precision and quality as an entry level race bike. I drooled at the sight of it while I had flash-backs to the time when I learned to ride a two wheeler... in Kew Gardens, Queens. Our apartment building had a sweeping downhill driveway which led under the building and into the parking lot out back... Without bothering to pedal, I learned to balance myself by coasting down this driveway repeatedly, around the age of 4, unsupervised, no helmet. Reis is one lucky kid, and I'm happily $245 poorer..


metin said...

gule gule kullansin! good job murat!

Murat Altinbasak said...

Thank you Metin!