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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

11 December 2006

Reflections of an old yellow Atala

(Picture lifted from a Google search- that's just a hacked off tube from an Atala race bike)
When I was 13, we had neighbors across the street who were Turkish-Tatar. They had a son named Ahmet who was a few years older than me, and who I admired like an older brother, for lack of one myself. Ahmet was into bicycling, and one day bought himself a fairly decent bike (this part is a presumption).. At least it was nice enough that he gifted his old yellow Atala road bike to me... It was outdated, with obsolete components and a dent in the top tube, but man I loved that bike. Ahmet would let me tag along on some of his bike rides in College Point. We'd just head down to McNeil Park and back (where the NYC Marathon traditionally started back then).. nothing too strenuous, but definitely addicting to this pubescent teenager. I may have had some of my first fantasies of Murat as a pro athlete on that bike...

A couple of years later when we were living in Rochester NY, my precious Atala was stolen from the front of my friend's house, while I was inside visiting. My friends, being of the unwholesome but kind-hearted type, were saddened to witness my horror upon discovering this crime. I loved that bike.. A couple of days later there's a knock on the door. I open the door and my eyes dart immediately to the bicycle before me, in the hands of my friends, who just stood there grinning. No, this Trek road bike wasn't my old Atala, it was a bike they had stolen for me. I greedily accepted it and raced on it during my first year as a junior (under 18 racer). Whatever became of that bike, I have no recollection, but you can be sure that I probably gave it away to someone who needed it.
Coming soon, how a bank robber inspired me to race.

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