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01 December 2006

UPS: Unattended Parcel Service

Are we sure this is a police "man"? Look at those dainty fingers and short arms. Where's the hand protection??
A Turkish policeman from the bomb squad approaches a suspect package on the street some 500 meters from the St. Esprit church in Istanbul November 29, 2006. Pope Benedict, pursuing a journey of fence-mending with Islam and Turkey, on Wednesday pays tribute to one of Christianity's most revered sites before heading to Istanbul, city at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.
29 Nov 2006 REUTERS/Fatih Saribas


Anonymous said...

This comment is not related to this Original Post. I just wanted to bring the article below to your attention.

It's about the false reports that the Pop has changed his position about Turkey and EU. The first time I heard about it, I knew it wasn't true because it came from a Turkish official, not from the Vatican. I knew that if the Pop wanted to make such a significant announcement, he would do it himself, to make sure it's done right. No misunderstandings. Turkish government officials change stories over and over and they just don't learn from it.

Murat, please post this as a main topic for discussion, so it doesn't get lost in this post's comments. I think it's an important point that should be discussed.

If the Turkish government can't get what happened 2 days ago straight, how can they get the events from 95 years ago right? How can the Turkish people trust these people to run their country?

Murat Altinbasak said...

anonymous! There are too many of you and I can't tell you apart! Your request is respectfully denied. I only honor such requests when I know who is making the request! Thanks for the link.

metin said...

anonim: you have to find or overreach in your attempts to find annnyyyything remotely anti-Turkish to prove your point from 95 years ago, don't you.

why don't us Turks just jump off the nearest cliff and have you and your kin take over our land and rule over any of the remaining of us as properly as you suggest Turks should rule over you.

would that be satisfactory to you, or do you still want to argue about the deficiencies of a government or a republic with those who have since become American and want to get over it and move on with more important things in life TODAY, like making a living, or staying alive, or keeping safe, or raising kids, or just screwing around.

what do you do for fun?

The Infidel said...

Anonymous, I think your sub conscience wants you to be Turkish. Psychologically, anyone who is so obsessed by "Schadenfreude", dislike, and even hatred at times, but most importantly absurd conspiring, is in essence just jealous of the other person.

It's OK, anonymous, I don't blame you. If I was an Armenian sympathizer, I would also be halfway into my inferiority complex. Just admit it to yourself and go see a shrink. You'll feel better, I'm sure.

Celal Birader said...

maybe they use midgets for bomb disposal; but they could soon be midgets minus some fingers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

gamze said...


Didn't your doctor explain to you the importance of being compliant when taking your psych meds?

Anonymous said...


what's wrong with posting links to articles that were published today? Does it hurt to see your country falling apart? Truth hurts? All 3 of those articles are from international newspapers. No bias there.

What will you complain about now? can't handle an adult discussion on difficult topics. Maybe you should just go play video games and leave the important discussions and decisions to the rest of us.