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08 December 2006

Who Are These Leftists??

Masked leftist protesters display a banner that reads "Oppressions can not deter us" during a demonstration in Istanbul December 7, 2006. A group of leftist protesters clashed with police who raided offices of human rights organizations in downtown Istanbul on Thursday.
07 Dec 2006 REUTERS/Stringer

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Anonymous said...

According to Hurriyet, the protesters were with the Marxist terrorist organization DHKP/C. This organization has carried out a few suicide bombings over the past couple of years. Thier most famous attack was when they assasinated prominant businessman Ozdemir Sabanci. Fehriye Erdal, who was one of those responsible for the Sabanci assasination, was caught by Belgium earlier this year and escaped their custody after they refused to extridite her to Turkey and decided to try her themselves.