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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

26 December 2006

Yes I am a greedy sell-out

The Amerikanturks Yahoo Group and the Amerikan Turks FORUM were created using considerable time, effort and even a bit of cash.. so I make no apologies for the recent enhancements which you see here. Today I intercepted a message at Amerikanturks Yahoo Group which broke all the rules: it was in Turkish, posted by a new member, offering both long distance service and a business opportunity. I had to reject the message to protect the members of the group.. But I wanted to help the messenger, so I wrote her a note explaining that I would sign up and promote the service here.
Will I make a few bucks? Hopefully. What I'm most thrilled about is that I figured out exactly where in my template I am supposed to insert the code for the banner! Yeah that blows my hair back more than anything else about this. That, and I like the way it separates each of my entries and gives them some contrast and definition. That said, it would be no skin off my nose if every other Turkish blogger out there did the same...


Noel said...

How much can you make , and my blog has so little traffic , I don't think it would even qualify .

Gamze said...

Just be sure and spread the wealth, my friend!

Did I mention that you are my favorite blogger??

Redneck Texan said...

Why do you blog?

Murat Altinbasak said...

Redneck Texan said...
Why do you blog?

To pump up my ego, juice my self esteem and earn my own self-respect via continually improved site traffic and growth in popularity. Why else?...
Who the fuck knows, RT! I started something 1-1/2 years ago out of boredom and now that there are a handful of people who like it here, I feel compelled to keep doing what I'm doing. It feels good..
Why not answer your own question for me? What the heck, I'll be your huckleberry..
All kidding aside, I've always wanted to keep a journal of my thoughts, a diary if you will.. But since I am afflicted with obsessive-compulsive-disorder, doing it long-hand in a notebook has never worked for me. A simple goof in grammar or penmanship meant that it went sailing into the circular file after a few entries. Besides, I want the world to know what I'm thinking, not hidden a private notebook. Thanks for asking. Is this the answer you expected?

Murat Altinbasak said...

Noel, it took me a about 4 months to reach the $100 milestone with Google Adsense. This site averages about $1 a day at present.
There's no qualifying. Any blog can sign up with Google Adsense, add some simple code to your template and see what happens..

Gamze, koltuk altlarim kabardi. Thank you for the compliment. Hope I can continue to live up to it.

Sean said...

Murat, please delete My comment above and replace it with this one. I just realized that I made an error and it doesn't make sense. Thanks.


I have one question that's been bothering me for a while and I think this is the perfect place to bring it up.

How come Turkish newspapers and blogs don't mind making money off of Google Ad links to Armenian Genocide websites, like the movie "Armenian Genocide" sold by Amazon.

Part 2 of my question: Why is it that a Turkish newspaper would violate 301 if they didn't deny the Genocide, however, they can have links to sites that recognize the Genocide? Isn't that ridiculous? Sounds like anything is ok, as long as a Turk or the Turkish government is profiting from it.

If you don't know what I am talking about, click on this link. I know Google rotates the ads, so if you don't see it, refresh it a few times and it will be there.

If it still doesn't work, click on one of the articles here:

Redneck Texan said...

I've actually gone through several stages of blogging.

Having been banned at the Command Post, I started it as a vehicle to speak my mind without regard for the lack of political correctness instilled in to my brand of honesty.

I had what seemed like an endless backlog of subject matter I wanted to broach, but soon enough I, like most Bloggers, found that I had just about covered everything I had wanted to cover, and the desire to not repeat myself over and over left me struggling to come up with original content on a daily basis.

Then when the Command Post collapsed under the weight of their censorship policies I found myself with a substantial readership of friends (and adversaries) from there, so I morphed it into a Command Post Clone, with mostly cut and pasted news articles, and invited everyone who commented there to contribute to the blog content. At that point it shifted from being a vehicle to spout my agenda to nursing a wide range of subject matter primarily designed to encourage discussion between others.

Then I realized I was muzzling myself on many issues for fear of alienating readers with my offensive takes of subjects.

Now I try to walk that line between compromising my principles and alienating others there, but that has proven impossible as well.

I guess I blog for the camaraderie and idea sharing now as much as I do for the freedom to spout my POVs and have feedback bounced back in my face.

I have had several offers to paste advertising there in the past, but I am just repulsed by the notion of having my hobby turn into another freakin advertising medium. If we were talkin a substantial revenue stream (ala I could quit working) I might be more willing to sacrifice my principles, but I wouldn't let someone else erect a billboard in my front yard for a few pennies a month.

But thats just me. ;-)

Redneck Texan said...

btw.....what kind of corner joints do you prefer for drawers?

Murat Altinbasak said...

RT, If I'm making the drawers myself? I like to use a simple shoulder joint, cutting a 1/4" square rabbet from the front and back rails, leaving a 1/4" square key, which fits into a 1/4" square channel cut into the side rails.. Been a while, but I prefer doing this with baltic birch plywood. Most of the time, the millwork shop where I manage projects, prefers to buy-out all drawer boxes from shops in PA. THey make amazingly beautiful solid wood dove-tailed boxes in short time for short money. Can't go wrong.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Sean I know what you are talking about. We DO mind, don't be fooled. I use adsense and occasionally I see the genocide video being advertised here. I usually just mutter "wtf" under my breath and then promise myself I will go into adsense and set some filters to block it. To date, I haven't found the time or the need to censor it. It doesn't come up that often. Recently I've switched to all 'image' ads, so seeing it again here will be minimal. What have I to gain by trying to block a text ad? It is what it is, and my personal positions are clear.
As for other Turkish sites, I can't speak for them, but I'll bet it's just laziness or ignorance. If I or they were hyper-vigilant ultra-nationalists, then maybe we'd do something about it. The Turkish government's reach, especially to internet sites which originate in the US, isn't far enough that anyone cares. Most Turks think Article 301 is a paranoia which Turkey has out-grown. It's a weakness, designed to curb greater weakness from within, or at least expose it and eliminate it. Turkish Republic is stronger than that, she just doesn't realize it yet.
True, what you refer to is a bit ridiculous, but only if you believe that every Turkish website owner or blogger feels threatened by the genocide ads or article 301. Apparently not.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Geez RT.. I didn't ask for your fucking life story...
(Totally kidding- I appreciate that you shared some history here)

I like that you have principles... Being against advertising is fine and dandy. Maybe I'm being a short-sighted prick by adding ads here at AT. Frankly, I'm just having fun with it. Playing around with code, seeing what the possibilities are, giving readers something to look at which might sometimes be more interesting than my own contributions. I bore easily RT. Adding shit, modifying things, it's all about keeping me interested. I make way too much money in my profession, and these ads can never possibly replace my main source of income. But I highly doubt any significant numbers of people will take issue with it. I see other blogs with a Paypal "Donate" button. To me, that's far cheesier than some professional looking ads.
No ads would be better, that's for sure.. but how incredibly boring.. (for me at least)
Thanks for reading and commenting.