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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

23 December 2006

Zehirini Dokmek

How many times does one need to watch the movie Babam ve Oglum, before they can forcibly hold back the tears? I'm not sure, but it's at least nine (and counting). It doesn't help when others who are present sob and heave uncontrollably. Crying is contagious, like yawning. But afterwards, the mind feels clear doesn't it?
Why do I love rock music where the vocalist is passionately screaming?
Why do people watch sad movies, or go for long drives while listening to nostalgic songs?
Why do we push our bodies to the limit, be it running, biking, climbing, or swimming?
Why has it become so popular to have a blog?
The answer I think, is in the title of this entry. Literal translation is: "to spill one's poison", which really means "to unburden" or "to let go of something and find relief" or "to spill your guts"...
It's all about having a relief valve, so that we don't explode.
We should all allow ourselves to cry more often, it seems.
"Spilling our poison" sounds like it's good for our health.


Anonymous said...

i dont remember the last time i cried. i think it was in a scene of grey's anatomy, but i stopped immediately. i am not good in crying.
i pushed hard on drinking the other day on an extreme point (maybe to let this something go) whereas before that i was pushing hard in doing swimming,climbing, running the same day and still didnt feel enoughly satisfied.
i still havent let go.(actually it became worse with drinking)
you have a very valuable point here, -keyword is "allow", right? i think i am my own enemy.

i like this post of yours very much. i also love rock music where the vocalist is passionately screaming. (try "die behauptung" from die toten hosen, lyrics point to me pretty much these days)

Murat Altinbasak said...

Glad you liked it.. A friend of mine who is an astrology expert, once said to me: "When you're riding your bike, training, suffering, testing your limits... I think it's how you pray, you just don't realize it."
This was a strange analysis to hear, but there's some truth to it I think. When I feel troubled, stressed, depressed.. a good hard bike ride makes all of that stuff completely dissipate, makes me feel stronger, makes everything else seem easy in comparison.
Is it praying? Not exactly. But for me it's the closest thing I guess.
Drinking never did anything for me. Stick to sports.