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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

01 January 2007

Is Bush an Idiot?

via Ziddiblog..


Ardent said...

This is an Extract taken from Clive Jame's new book. He is a great Australian, truly apt is depicting things as he sees it.

"British Prime Minister Tony Blair's great advantage as a world statesman is his gift for putting President Bush's thoughts into words.

It's even possible that President Bush has no thoughts at all, only emotions. When he searches for a word, he feels fear, and his face shows it. When he finds one he feels triumph, and his face shows that. Almost always, the word he finds is the wrong one, but his look of relief arouses sympathy in the audience, as when a child, sent to fetch a spoon from the kitchen drawer, comes back with a fork. I was especially sympathetic when he announced that the 'group of folks', by which he meant the insurgents in Iraq, were fighting us 'vociferously'. 'That's why we're fighting so vociferously.' He must have meant 'viciously' or perhaps 'ferociously', but he could scarcely have meant 'vociferously'. If all that the insurgents were doing was shouting loudly they would be less of a problem."

Murat Altinbasak said...

To this day, Dubya refuses to pronouce the word "nuclear" properly.. What a shame that this person received any votes at all..