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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

16 February 2007

Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Turkish Blogs-Volume 3 Episode 6

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On to Talk Turkey Part Two:
The Coming of Broken Angel... Metin let me ask what I think everyone is thinking in the back of their minds.. What if investment into this film turns out to be a situation similar to that of Hakan Yalincak?? Stranger things have happened! To me, the fact that you vouch for this project means that it's completely legit.. But for those Turks and others who may have never heard of you or I or Leslie and Aclan Bates-Buyukturkoglu, skepticism and avoidance prevails I think.. When I get my tax return, I am going to seriously consider being a contributor.
Hillary Will Drop Out!.. I hope not. She's the most qualified candidate out there. It's TIME for a strong woman to show Americans how to lead a country with intelligence, class and grace..
Giuliani Too Ethnic? Is every presidential candidate unique or what? Hillary- a woman! Obama- a black! (who's not black enough, I hear), and Giuliani- an "eye-talian"! Nope, not many vanilla faces this time, eh?
Breaking News: OKUR ALL-STAR! We all owe Metin credit for wishing and hoping and willing this to finally happen. I'm the farthest thing from being a maven of basketball, but my armpits are swollen with pride nonetheless. Interestingly, many of the people Googling the great Okur use the search terms: "Okur Muslim". Such an infatuation with the religious beliefs of pro athletes! He could worship dirt and he'd still be in the All-Star game.
Victoria's Valentine.. Sorry Metin, these two new selections for 2007 have chicken lips and pointy chins. Let me thank you again though for the picture of Petek Dincoz which you found and posted for me. Very good material. Good thing my girlfriend Jackie isn't the jealous type.
Resolution or Revolution?.. The sole identifying characteristic of Armenian people.. their "Armenian-ness" if you will, is insulted unless an Americanized version of Article 301 (in reverse) is passed in the United States.. Anything to demonize Turks. Let it pass... like a big juicy fart, it will eventually dissipate, and the thousand or so Americans who even take notice will quickly resume not caring about the largest violation of Godwin's Law, ever.
GRAMMY Chicks .. Murat is green with envy that Metin gets to be in the company of super-stars like Portia DeRossi.. Is her face fuzzy in person too? I always thought she was such a hottie until the sunlight striking her cheeks highlighted that carpet of peachfuzz.


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