America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

20 February 2007

Packing, Cleaning, Worrying, Drinking: Murat's a Mess

Just finished cleaning the bike (filthy), taking it apart (sort of) and packing it into a bike box lent to me by my friend Dr. David Schwartz (who was impaled by a tree branch while mountain biking last spring and has wires holding his sternum together). Cost of my plane ticket: $240. Cost for bike box: $80 (each way). If I add a few more bucks, my bike can sit in my seat and I'll be down in the cargo hold... Must do some laundry now, as if I have anything decent to wear. All my socks have holes. I'm sipping wine to calm my nerves. The house looks like, well, it looks like Ebru hasn't been here in a month. All will be forgiven. I'm down to 173 pounds.. So if I eat and drink nothing for the next 24 hours and perform a couple of eliminations, I'll be down to my goal weight of 170 by the time I land in San Diego. 160 and thin as a rail when I return... NOT! (Stranger things have happened)
PS: My company graciously gave me a laptop for the trip, just so I can work while on vacation.. So don't fret, my five or so dear readers, I will be blogging from San Diego.


gurkan said...

Good luck to you.

Stop drinking and worrying and start focusing my brother.

Noel said...

Good luck on your trip , Murat .

dbadioxide said...

Come on, have a great time in San Diego mate! holes in the socks is as same comfortable as having not even 1 matching sock in a pair:)
be safe.

Murat Altinbasak said...

gurkan: sorry to reply so late. Thanks for the good advice.

noel: Thanks man.

dba: Are those riots anywhere near your location? Or am I confused with another country?